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Military Family Assistance Websites

The official website of the U.S. Department of Defense, DefenseLINK, has a family section ( that links to all of the family websites for the service branches of the military. These websites have valuable advice concerning the effects of deployment on families and how to find help. Many of these websites also link to state and local government and community non-profit assistance sites. The websites listed on DefenseLINK include: - The Air Force family website - The Army Family Liaison Office, “FLO” - Navy Lifelines Services Network – Navy family support - Marine Corps Community Services – providing support to Marines and their families worldwide. - Military Family Resource Center - Special Needs Network - Offers support for Department of Defense and military families who have members with special health or education needs - Tricare – Military Health System - Provides assistance in the logistics of relocating. - Military Assistance Program – provides information and interactive resources to assist military families in relocating, money management and job search at a new location. - Military Teens on the Move – assists teens with relocating - Links to 16 websites with civilian job opportunities in the military and federal government, including especially for military family members - Defense Commissary Agency (DeCA) website provides assistance in making the most out of the military commissary benefit - Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Military Community and Family Policy - Provides links to education websites for military families, including, a popular voluntary education program from the Department of Defense, and (EDUGATE), a gateway to science, mathematics and engineering educational opportunities sponsored by the Department of Defense. - Links to sites that can assist military families in transition. - Texas A&M University, Texas Cooperative Extension, Family and Consumer Sciences Military Program at Ft. Bliss and Ft. Hood - Texas Veteran’s Commission – links to military sites that can assist families - American Red Cross – provides emergency communications and assistance to military families - United Ways of Texas – local United Ways of Texas provide assistance to families through community organizations