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If you are planning to file and/or pay a tax other than sales or franchise, you may wish to preview Specific Reporting/Payment Requirements and System Demos below to confirm that this tax can be filed/paid electronically.


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Specific Reporting/Payment Requirements and System Demos

Select a tax or fee below to view reporting and payment requirement details, filing notices, due dates plus helpful guides for filing online.

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File Early & Schedule Later Payment

Did you know you can file your return early and schedule your electronic check (WebEFT) payment for a later date by changing the payment effective date?

Payment Options:

Once logged in to WebFile, electronic payment options include:

  • WebEFT (Electronic Check)
  • Credit Cards — American Express, Discover and MasterCard
    (incurs a non-refundable processing fee)

Reporting Requirements:

Learn more about who must file and pay electronically.

Reporting for more than 30 outlets or tax jurisdictions?

Please use Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

Avoid Penalties & Fees:

  • Returns must be filed before midnight on the due date to be considered timely.
    See all due dates.
  • TEXNET Payments: Bank processing timelines require payments to be submitted before 6 p.m. on the last banking business day before the due date.
    View TEXNET payment deadline schedule (PDF, 23KB)
  • If you submit payment electronically, you still need to file a timely sales tax return.

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