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Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts, Glenn Hegar

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WebFile Payment-Only Taxes and Fees Help

This demo begins at the point of selecting a tax to file and/or pay within the system. If you have not yet registered for a login account and need assistance, please visit the TxComptroller eSystem Login Demonstration – Registration.

Beginning with this screen, the selected tax is now in the Assigned Taxes column and is ready to be paid.

Select “Make a Payment Only”.

Select “Continue” to proceed to make a payment.

Select the period you wish to pay for and select “Continue” to proceed to make a payment.

Review the payment options. Only taxpayers enrolled to pay via TEXNET will see the “TEXNET - State of Texas Financial Network” option.

Taxpayers that select the “Web Electronic Fund Transfer” payment option will see this page. Continue to the next page for the “Web Electronic Fund Transfer” payment confirmation.

Confirm the “Web Electronic Fund Transfer” payment information is correct. Click “Edit” if you need to change the payment information or click “Submit Payment” if the payment information is accurate and requires no changes.

Print this page for your records. Your confirmation number is printed on this page and is proof the return/payment has been filed with our office.

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