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The Official State of Texas Unclaimed Property Website

One in four Texans has unclaimed property from forgotten bank accounts, uncashed checks, security deposits and utility refunds. It’s your money, and we want you to get it back.

There is currently about $3.4 billion in property that has not been claimed and approximately $586 million in shared property that has been partially claimed and paid to some of the owners. It’s never too late to make a claim, and we are committed to ensuring hardworking Texans don’t lose a penny.

Come and Get It!

In 2014, the state returned more than $200 million to its owners. Find out what you may have been missing by searching our unclaimed property database.

Search Unclaimed Property

Do You Have Questions About a Recent Email Communication From the Comptroller’s Office?

On Feb. 26, we sent out an email message regarding unclaimed property holders and a survey on holder training. In creating the recipient list for that message, we inadvertently included some individuals for whom the message was not pertinent.

If you completed the survey referenced in the message, we appreciate your response.

If the message was not pertinent to you or you do not need training on filing unclaimed property, please disregard the email message.

If you have any questions about unclaimed property holder training, please call us at 512-936-6246.

Received an Outreach Notification letter?

If you received an outreach notification letter from our office, you may use the search button above to look for properties that may belong to you and create a claim. You have two options for receiving the claim form — you can print it or request that it be mailed to you. Please read the claim form instructions and return the required documents along with your signed claim to the address on the claim form.

You can also request searches by:


Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts
Unclaimed Property Claims Section
P.O. Box 12046
Austin, Texas 78711-2046


1-888-908-9991 or
(512) 936-6224 (direct in Austin)


1-800-654-FIND (3463)
(512) 463-3120 (direct in Austin)

Note: there is a limit of three name searches when calling by phone.

Include the following in your request:

  • the name you would like searched,
  • addresses in the Texas cities in which that person has lived,
  • a social security number,
  • current mailing address for claim purposes and
  • your contact information.
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