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TxSmartBuy Ordering System

TxSmartBuy Enhancements At-A-Glance

Many changes have been made to improve the shopping experience on TxSmartBuy.com! Beginning April 18, 2011, purchasers will notice:

  1. A new contract number page that makes it possible to find items by Term contract or TXMAS GSA number.
  2. Purchasers who are signed into TxSmartBuy can optionally change their default landing page to the new contract number view by using the My Settings feature:
  3. Support for product options (e.g., T-shirt sizes and colors). When adding these items to your cart from searches or Quick Order, TxSmartBuy will prompt you to select an option:
  4. When the PO is sent to the supplier, the options will be displayed in the description:
  5. Support for plurals in searches, even when spelled differently. For example, "knives" and "knife".
  6. Dedicated fields for contract award level and section number for fleet and road aggregate catalogs. The new fields are searchable and sort-able.
  7. Reminders for State Agency purchasers to shop first for preferred supplier and Term contract items:
  8. Contract numbers populated for items from external supplier sites (previously, these were blank)
  9. Automatic notifications if external supplier sites experience connection problems:
  10. Streamlined email messages. Purchasers and suppliers will now receive a single email each time the purchaser creates, changes, or cancels a PO. That email will contain both the PO PDF and any attachments. Several processing email messages have been eliminated.
  11. More logical sequence of items on the Purchase Order. The order on the PO will match the order of the items in the cart, giving the purchaser control over the way items are listed. In addition, line numbers will be listed in proper numerical order. (Previously, lines were listed in alphabetical order by line number so that some PO lines were listed as 1, 10, 2, 3, etc.)
  12. A dedicated field for contractor quote number for quote items:
  13. POCN and PO Cancellation messages printed in large text across the top of the PO PDF:

  14. New links and buttons to access the "add quotes and charges" feature to make it easier to add delivery fees and simplify creating quote-only POs. A link has been added on the main iProcurement page:
  15. And in multiple locations in the Oracle cart and requisition:
  16. Improved support for flu vaccine orders (Term contract #269-A3). If you purchase vaccines for your organization, contact TPASS for assistance. For purchasers who do not purchase vaccines, the primary change is that the Delivery Date Type field is now read-only and is always set to "No Later Than":
  17. Improved visibility of the supplier and category tabs, a new "Visit Site" link to external supplier websites, and performance improvements. Improved visibility of tabs:
  18. "Visit Site" link to external supplier website:

Enhancements efective June 7, 2010

  1. Keyword searches no longer require selection of a catalog or (sub) category
  2. Delivery Dates can now be specified
  3. Leases and Rentals purchased as Quotes now require a Term (number of months)
    For Rentals, remember to put the from and to dates for the rental period in Notes to Supplier.
  4. Serial Numbers can now be entered for Lease and Rental renewals
  5. Discontinuation of the use of Packages. The Packages tab has been removed from the top menu bar. (Associated items provide this functionality instead.)

Enhancements efective February 21, 2010

  1. The ability to add and modify Contract Types and Numbers to Quotes and Charges

Previous enhancements effective December 19, 2009

  1. The ability to add and modify header level notes on purchase orders (PO)
  2. Header comments can be added during checkout (these notes will show up at the header of every PO generated by the requisition)
  3. Line item notes will no longer populate the header level notes field on a PO PDF

Previous enhancements effective November 9, 2009:

  1. Ability to shop in TxSmartBuy with IE6, IE7, AND Firefox
  2. Shopping for products is easier as associated items can now be accessed with links
  3. Searching for items is quicker as you can now search by subcategories AND categories
    • Both categories and subcategories can be expanded and hidden
    • Category order can be permanently rearranged
  4. Discounted (negative priced items associated to main items) are clearly indicated during shopping and checkout process
  5. TPASS is automatically notified when your requisition requires approval for on hold items. If TPASS approves, you will receive a copy of the PO as usual. If TPASS does not approve, you will receive an e-mail notification indicating reason for not approving.
  6. Ability to enter either Ad Hoc or Pre Loaded Deliver To and Invoice Locations
  7. Keyword search (within Package Names and Package Descriptions) is now available
  8. Search for Supplier or Manufacturer part # without selecting a category, sub-category, or catalog
  9. Cancelled POs are clearly indicated in e-mails sent to suppliers and purchasers

Previous enhancements effective August 31, 2009:

  1. Search results display items available from HUB Suppliers with a circular Texas flag icon.
    view of HUb Supplier with icon
  2. HUB Designation (business type) displays on Item Detail pages.
    view of HUB Supplier with icon
  3. TPASS Contract Type and Number display in search results under the “Contract Information” column.
    view of links to contract information
  4. Selected Supplier names now offer direct links to their Web site, offering a “Punch-out” option to search their items and make any selections which are then communicated back to the TxSmartBuy system to finalize the purchase.
    view of supplier link to punch-out web site catalogview of Grainger punch-out web site catalog
  5. Purchaser checkout is easier: Purchasers no longer need to enter Requester and Purchaser Name—the system does that automatically.
    view of automated entry of Requester and Purchaser names
  6. Purchasers can now enter Internal Requisition Numbers: “Customer Requisition Number” is a new field available during Step 1 of checkout for entering specific internal requisition numbers. The number entered in the new field displays as “Customer Requisition Number” on the Purchase Order (PO).
    checkout view of customer requisition number field view of customer requisition number on PO
  7. Copy of PO is sent to Purchaser by e-mail.
  8. Attachments added during checkout will be emailed to supplier. (Please see purchaser guide for instructions to add attachments.)
  9. PO’s include Supplier AND Purchaser Contact Information:
    1. Contractor contact name, phone number, and email display beneath Contractor information on PO.
    2. Purchaser contact name, phone number, and email address display in Purchasing Contact section on PO.
      view of PO with all contact info
  10. Cancelled PO’s show “Cancelled” Order Status: suppliers and purchasers will receive a copy of cancelled PO’s by e-mail.
    view of cancelled PO
Required Plug-ins

In 2015, the Texas Legislature passed House Bill 855, which requires state agencies to publish a list of the three most commonly used Web browsers on their websites. The Texas Comptroller’s most commonly used Web browsers are Microsoft Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Apple Safari.