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System Announcement

All users of the TxSmartBuy system are strongly encouraged to change their passwords. Please update to a new password as soon as possible.

The Next Generation: TxSmartBuy 2.0

In 2014, the Comptroller's office will launch a complete system replacement of the current TxSmartBuy system to enhance its functions and performance and increase transparency of government spending on statewide contracts.

What benefits will TxSmartBuy 2.0 bring?

  • Upgraded Search: Greatly enhanced search performance, results presentation, filtering features and item comparison.
  • Enhanced Item Ordering: TSB2 will provide more than two ordering options per item and will accommodate regional pricing, four-decimal pricing, monthly or term-related orders, repeat orders, split shipment of orders, easy addition of related services and instructions and system-managed vendor/purchaser communication.
  • Upgraded Change Order/Reconciliation process: Purchasers will be able to update the current version of the purchase order to make necessary changes or cancellations, with all edits captured in a viewable audit trail.
  • Supplier Portal: Vendors will have a single login to upload their catalog updates and view purchase orders and other reports vendors publish to their accounts.
  • Real-Time Reporting: Improved reporting capabilities can easily be used to view state government purchases and analyze spending trends.
  • One Comprehensive System with Built-in Flexibility: TSB2 will provide a central location for statewide contract, supplier and catalog information, and offer the ability to quickly add new features and fields as contracting and online purchasing needs evolve.

Read how state spending is becoming more efficient on the Comptroller's new Texas Economy website.

Who can use TxSmartBuy?

  1. State and local government employees can search TxSmartBuy for items they need. Anyone can look at items offered in the system.
  2. State agency purchasers and local government purchasers who belong to the State of Texas CO-OP can place orders in the system.
    • Login information for purchasers will be sent directly via e-mail from the Comptroller’s Office between December 22 and January 9, 2009. Purchasers can request access from your primary contact:
    • Local Governments: Become a State of Texas CO-OP member and get access to TxSmartBuy
  3. Current system requirements
    • Browser:  IE 6 or 7, Firefox
    • Screen Resolution:  1024 x 768 (or greater)

TxSmartBuy Benefits

  • Easily search and browse contractor e-catalogs for price and product information.
  • Use comparison tool to review price and product details side by side for best value.
  • Contractors receive purchase orders immediately—no waiting!

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