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WhiteVOID of Berlin, Germany has developed FLARE, a “kinetic facade” that can be placed on any building to help it adjust to seasonal changes in light and heat. Stainless steel flakes, each supported by computer-controlled pneumatic cylinders, act as a living skin, say FLARE’s creators Christopher Bauder and Christian Perstl. The flakes and their position create a display of light and dark pixels that can be configured in any pattern.

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Gnatus Equipamentos Médico-Odontológicos Ltda., a Brazilian dental equipment manufacturer, released a dental lamp that uses solid-state lighting technology. The Gnatus Dental Lamp LED Plus is the first of its kind and overcomes some difficulties associated with halogen lighting. The lamp is 40 percent brighter than halogen products, has a 12- to 25-year life span compared with three to six months for halogen, uses 60 percent less power and has no peripheral light shining in patients’ eyes.

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South Korea

Sung Woo Park’s aesthetic street lamp design would use discarded batteries, placed into the lamps’ bases by their owners, to power them. About two volts are all that are needed to power an LED bulb, and two discarded household batteries usually contain enough leftover chemicals to do the job.

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