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Letter from the Comptroller

Chapter 1

Chapter 2
New Tools to Finance Expanding Transportation Needs
2.1 Use Innovative Financing Techniques
2.2 Use the Texas Turnpike Authority to Obtain Greater Funding for TxDOT Projects and Operations
2.3 Expand the Reach of the State Infrastructure Bank
2.4 Manage Cash Flow More Effectively
2.5 Improve Texas’ Share of Federal Discretionary Funds

Chapter 3
Increase Equity of the Highway Funds Allocation System
3.1 Establish a New, Simpler Approach to Allocating Funds
3.2 Expand the Texas Transportation Commission

Chapter 4
Contracting and Engineering Systems: Speed Project Delivery by Upgrading Construction Practices
4.1 Modify Risk Transfer Approaches
4.2 Use Alternative Bidding Methods to Speed Construction Projects
4.3 Streamline and Improve the Design Precertification Process
4.4 Consolidate District Design Activities
4.5 Reallocate Staff to Improve Support of District Operations
4.6 Improve the Supply of Engineers
4.7 Open More Roadway Maintenance to Competition
4.8 Evaluate Right-of-Way Acquisition
4.9 Add Flexibility to Enter into Interlocal Agreements

Chapter 5
Vehicle Title and Registration Systems: Use Technology to Increase Efficiency and Improve Customer Service
5.1 Create County “One-stop Shops” for Vehicle Titling and Registration to Improve Customer Service
5.2 Register Vehicles Online
5.3 Expand the Automated Registration and Titling System to Include All Registration and Titling Transactions
5.4 Allow TxDOT to Issue “e-liens” Instead of Paper Titles
5.5 Streamline Vehicle Fleet Registration
5.6 Eliminate the Issuance of Non-Negotiable Titles
5.7 Streamline the Process for Issuing Special License Plates
5.8 Use Imaging to Store Vehicle Title Records
5.9 Centralize Consumer and Technical Telephone Assistance
5.10 Extend the Use of Medical Provider Networks to the TxDOT Employees Workers’ Compensation Program

Chapter 6
Business Practices: Saving Money and Improve Services Through Process Engineering
6.1 Improve Asset Management
6.2 Apply Innovative Asset Management Practices to TxDOT-Owned Land and Buildings
6.3 Improve Purchasing and Warehousing
6.4 Reduce Supply of Road Signs
6.5 Implement Reverse Auctions to Reduce Purchasing Costs
6.6 Outsource Selected Procurement and Materials Management Activities
6.7 Reduce Human Resource Staffing
6.8 Review Information Systems
6.9 Use “Best Practices” Standards to Maintain Equipment
6.10 Use Alternative Equipment Sourcing Programs

Chapter 7
Transportation and the Texas-Mexico Border Region



Fiscal Impact