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Chapter 3
Personnel Management

This chapter reviews the personnel management functions of Venus Independent School District (VISD) in the following sections:

  1. Organization and Management
  2. Salaries and Compensation
  3. Recruitment and Retention
  4. Staff Development

School districts depend on qualified and talented employees to achieve their educational and operational goals. On average, personnel costs account for 80 percent of a district’s total expenditures, its largest expense. Personnel management includes staffing analysis, recruiting, hiring, salary and benefit administration and performance evaluation. Effective personnel management requires compliance with equal employment opportunity statutes and other federal and state laws. Establishing fair and workable policies, procedures and training programs are important for recruiting and retaining competent staff.


VISD employs 245 full-time equivalent employees, of which 129 are teachers. VISD allocated 79 percent of its 2002-03 budget for payroll costs and professional and contracted services.

Exhibit 3-1 summarizes VISD’s 2002-03 budgeted funds by expenditure category:

Exhibit 3-1
VISD Budgeted Expenditures
Category Dollar Amount Percent of Budget
Payroll Costs $8,248,310 70%
Professional and Contracted Services $1,105,850 9%
Supplies and Materials $1,140,750 10%
Other Operating Costs $521,711 4%
Debt Service $839,111 7%
Capital Outlay $9,000 0%
Total $11,864,732 100%
Source: Texas Education Agency (TEA), Public Education Information Management System (PEIMS), 2002-03.

Exhibit 3-2 compares VISD’s general fund budgeted payroll to its peer districts for 2002-03.

Exhibit 3-2
General Fund Budgeted Payroll Costs
VISD and Peer Districts
District Payroll Costs Total Budget Percent of Budget
Venus $8,248,310 $11,864,732 70%
Dublin $6,355,965 $8,593,128 74%
Godley $6,591,125 $10,033,588 66%
Grandview $6,017,455 $8,765,039 69%
RioVista $4,753,458 $6,832,143 70%
Source: TEA, PEIMS, 2002-03.
Note: VISD contracts its custodial services and one principal position, reducing the district’s percentage of payroll costs.