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If a school district decides to control its own energy destiny by hiring an energy manager, making energy management an ongoing, integral component of district operations and setting up realistic cost-saving goals, it can find ample models in Texas. In energy-wise districts, top-level administration delivers a clear and forceful message of commitment and solicits broad-based support for the program from all sectors of the district. Realistic energy-saving goals are established, based on initial data gathering, and procedures are set in place to reach these goals. At the center of the process is an energy manager responsible for making the system work and generating results.

Contact Information:

State Energy Conservation Office
Comptroller of Public Accounts
111 E. 17th Street, #1114
Austin, Texas 78774
1-800-531-5441 extension 3-1931

Texas School Performance Review
Comptroller of Public Accounts
P. O. Box 13528
Austin, Texas 78711-3528
1-800-531-5441 extension 5-3676