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A. Bus Fleet
B. Operations
C. Organization and Management
D. Facilities
E. Other Options


The transportation facility is located at the high school complex. The vehicle repair bays are adequate for maintenance and staff.

To sustain the size, scope, and growth of the MPISD Transportation Department, there must be adequate facilities. On-site review of the present transportation facilities by the review team found major deficiencies:

  • There is no perimeter security fence (an invitation for theft and vandalism).
  • There is no outside lighting of the parking areas (a security and health risk).
  • The parking lot surface is a dirt and rock mix (a safety and health risk).
  • The parking lots are not of sufficient size to accommodate the buses and employee's automobiles (a safety and vehicle liability issue).
  • There is no driver "ready room" (no inside area to allow the driver to report for work), where "clocking in" could provide an opportunity to assess the physical and emotional state of the driver. In addition, the "room" would serve as a classroom for safety and operations meetings as well as a breakroom.
  • There is a lack of proper restrooms (health and legal issues).

Recommendation 75:

Include transportation facilities in a districtwide facilities master plan.

The district should prepare cost estimates to correct the deficiencies. Creative options should be considered, including leasing upgraded facilities from a private vendor, or including upgrades in a contract with a private contractor if the district chooses to outsource all transportation functions.


1. The deputy superintendent of Administration and Operations directs a physical plant review for the Transportation Department to be included the facilities master plan. March 1999
2. The superintendent approves the recommendation. April 1999


There is no fiscal impact associated with this recommendation.