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Texas Performance Review
The Future of the Public Utility Commission in Texas


Texas Performance Review Division

Ann Berasley
Rejan Giguere
Sidney Hacker
Alex McAlmon
Marty McCartt
Ginny McKay
Mani Rao
Shannon Tuschak
Pat Valls-Trelles
Clint Winters
Bruce Wright

Other Contributing Comptroller Staff

Ann Baker
Veronica Briseno
William Chang
Juan Cotera
Ben Dukes
Joyce Gonzales
Gerry Higgins
Rebecca Lightsey
Annette LoVoi
Robin Martin
Theresa Morales
Ross Ramsey
Johnnie Sielbeck
Vicki Smith
Dewey Updegraff
Shelley Vidal
Kate Walters
Mike Wegner
Mark Weiss

Special Thanks to:

Julio Massad
Karl Nalepa
Bill Patterson
Daryl Pullin
Rafael Quintanilla

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