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Texas Performance Review
The Future of the Public Utility Commission in Texas


This report benefited from the efforts of many people, TPR would like to express sincere appreciation to all of the employees of the Public Utility Commission who provided information and assistance, in particular, Chair Pat Wood and Commissioners Judy Walsh and Robert Gee. Special thanks is owed to PUC employee Anita Fourcard for coordinating interviews and facilitating TPR's access to the agency.

Special thanks to those members of the Legislature and their staff who gave their valuable time to be interviewed: the Honorable Bill Carter, the Honorable Warren Chisum, the Honorable Debra Danburg, the Honorable John Hirschi, the Honorable Peggy Rosson, the Honorable Scott Hochberg, the Honorable Steve Wolens; José Camacho, Lieutenant Governor's office; Jim Hamilton, Senator Armbrister's office; Bobby Gierisch and Amy Inman, Speaker's office; Eric Wright, Senate Finance Committee; and Janis Carter, House Committee on Appropriations.

TPR would like to thank those individuals from other Texas state agencies who provided valuable information and guidance, particularly: Jack Woods, Texas Commission on Fire Protection; Terri Chaney, Texas Incentive and Productivity Commission; Audrey Selden, Caroline Scott, Department of Insurance; Kay Steed, Texas State Library and Archives Commission; Jan Summer, Center for Public Policy Dispute, Resolution; Danny Bivens, Polly McDonald, Texas Railroad Commission; Sheila Bailey Taylor, Kay Trostle, State Office of Administrative Hearings; Carl Forrester, Richard O'Connel, Texas Natural Resource and Conservation Commission; Rick Guzman, Suzi R. McClellan, Office of Public Utility Counsel; and Jeanine Pollard and Jeff Lund, Office of the State Auditor.

Appreciation also is due to all those who attended TPR's public forum, focus group sessions, wrote letters, called and sent e mails.

Finally, TPR thanks those in Texas and other state's who contributed their expertise, including Professor Ron Beal, Baylor Law School; Dave Wirick and John Barrows, National Regulatory Research Institute; Randy Clemons, Martin L. Allday, Dennis Thomas, Coyle Kelly, Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission; Carol Biedrzycki, Texas Ratepayers Organized to Save Electricity; Randall Chapman, Texas Legal Services Center; Charlotte Flynn, Gray Panthers; Janee Breisemeister, Texas Consumers Union; Brigid Shea, Texas Citizen Action; Tom Smith, Public Citizen; Suzy Woodford, Common Cause; Wesley Franklin, California Public Utility Commission; Renee Poirier, Peter Pescosolido, and Barney Specter, Connecticut Department Of Public Utility Control; Leroy Rasberry, Florida Public Utilities Commission; Beverly Barker, Idaho Public Utilities Commission; Jane Fields and Charles Fischer, Illinois Commerce Commission; Judith McConnell, Kansas Corporation Commission; Christopher Simpson, Matt Phayer, and Matthew Thayer, Maine Public Utilities Commission; Timothy J. Shevlin, Massachusetts Department Of Public Utilities; John Abramson, Sandra Philpott-Burke, William Celio, Chris Hitchcock, Gary Kitts, Moreau Maxwell, Ronan Patterson, Jeff Pillon, Sharon Theroux, and Dorothy Wideman, Michigan Public Service Commission; Nancy Broccaway and Nika Elugardo, National Consumer Law Center; Tom Getz, New Hampshire Public Utilities Commission; Jim Gray and Kent Papsun, New Jersey Board Of Public Utilities; Philip Teumin, New York Public Service Commission; Amy Weinrich, Ohio Public Utility Commission; John Dial, Otto Hofmann, Mitch Miller, Maureen Mulligan, Bob Wilson, Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission; Doug Hartley, Rhode Island Public Utilities Commission; Susan Hudson and Carol Martin, Vermont Public Service Board; and Jeff Butson, Gordon Grant, Mary Lytle, Paul Newman, Jacquiline K. Reynolds, Mary Stevens, Wisconsin Public Service Commission.

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