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Texas Performance Review 
Capital Metro 

Executive Administration
Dovis Ellis, Deputy Comptroller
Tom Duffy, Chief of Staff
Ross Ramsey, Associate Deputy Comptroller
Donny Stevens
Debra Kress
Glen Hunt
Robert Daniels

Project Staff
Andrea Cowan, Manager, Texas Performance Review
Alex McAlmon, Project Manager
Twanna Buford
Lesli Cathey
WynNelle Leeth
Ginny McKay
Mani Rao
Julie Robles
David Rogers
Roger Vallejo
Gerard Washington
Clint Winters
Bruce Wright, Project Editor

Other Contributing Staff
Cindy Alexander
Joy Anderson
Terri Bednar
David Carr
Richard Doane
Pam Fridrich
John Heleman
Clay Harris
Marilyn Jones
Andy Liebler
Javier Lopez
Kenny McLeskey
Walter Muse
Tamara Plaut
Betty Ressel
George Reynolds
Danny Sachnowitz
Steve Schiurring
Thomas Walker, Jr.
Mike Wegner
Cathy West
Steve White
Michael Whitehurst

Production Staff
Sheila Clancy
Ben Dukes
Tammy Gray
Jack Grieder
Tony Hale
Larry Keneipp
Tom Pedersen
Mary Quintero
Gardner Selby
Johnnie Sielbeck
Shannon Tuschak
Brian Utley
Shelley Vidal
Brad Wright

Special Thanks to:
Caroline Coleman
Tom Niskala

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