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Texas Performance Review

Breaking the Mold

New Ways to Govern Texas, July 1991

"We cannot condone the luxury of doing business as usual because these are not usual times."

-- Lt. Governor Bob Bullock

The Texas Performance Review is a result of Senate Bill 111, adopted by the legislature and signed into law by Governor Ann Richards on January 31, 1991. Among other provisions, Senate Bill 111 requires the Legislative Budget Board, the state's chief budget-writing body, to conduct a review of state agencies and the programs, services and activities operated by those agencies. The bill directs the involvement of the State Auditor, the Sunset Advisory Commission, the Legislative Budget Office, the Governor's Office of Budget and Planning and the Comptroller of Public Accounts. It requires a series of recommendations to be presented to the Legislature by July 1, 1991.

In an emergency session held on February 6, 1991 the legislative Budget Board designated the Comptroller to head the operational review envisioned in Senate bill 111. Upon receiving this assignment, the Comptroller worked internally and in conjunction with other involved agencies to develop a project plan and to create a project team using staff from various state agencies and individuals from the private sector.

This report is the result of the Comptroller's efforts. It reflects the work of more than 100 analysts working for just over four months to perform as thorough a review of all state operations as possible.

Volume 2 contains the detailed analysis that underlies the recommendations

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