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Tax Publications: Numerical Order

Tax Publications by Subject Matter | Publicaciones sobre Impuestos en Español

Number Publication Name Subject
94-101 Tax Exemptions for Agriculture (PDF) Sales Tax
94-104 Film, Video and Audio Production Companies and Broadcasting Companies Sales Tax
94-105 Guidelines for Collecting Local Sales and Use Tax (PDF) Local Sales Tax
94-105s Guía para la recaudación del impuesto local sobre ventas y uso Impuesto sobre Ventas
94-106 Credit Reporting Services Sales Tax
94-107 Debt Collection Services Sales Tax
94-108 Engaged in Business Sales Tax
94-108s Actividad Comercial Impuesto sobre Ventas
94-109 Information Services Sales Tax
94-110 Insurance Services Sales Tax
94-111 Cleaning and Janitorial Services Sales Tax
94-111s Servicios de limpieza Impuesto sobre Ventas
94-112 Landscaping and Lawn Care Services Sales Tax
94-112s Servicios de Jardinería Ornamental y Cuidado de Céspedes Impuesto sobre Ventas
94-113 Motor Vehicle Repairs Sales Tax
94-113s Reparaciones de Vehículos de Motor Impuesto sobre Ventas
94-114 Pest Control Services (PDF) Sales Tax
94-115 Ready-to-Eat Food (PDF) Sales Tax
94-115s Comida Lista Para Comer Impuesto sobre Ventas
94-116 Real Property Repair and Remodeling Sales Tax
94-116s Reparación y Remodelación de Bienes Raíces Impuesto sobre Ventas
94-117 Restaurants and the Texas Sales Tax Sales Tax
94-117s Restaurantes y el Impuesto sobre la Venta en Texas Impuesto sobre Ventas
94-119 Security Services (PDF) Sales Tax
94-123 Water and Wastewater Systems Sales Tax
94-124 Manufacturing Exemptions Sales Tax
94-127 Data Processing Services are Taxable Sales Tax
94-130 Insurance Maintenance Tax Rates and Assessments on 2015 Premiums (PDF) Insurance Tax
94-132 Sales Tax on Telecommunications Services Sales Tax
94-139 Bottlers Sales Tax
94-142 Surplus Lines Tax Exemptions/Preemptions (PDF) Insurance Tax
94-143 Draftsmen and Designers Sales Tax
94-155 Sales Tax Exemption for Over-the-Counter Drugs and Medicines (PDF) Sales Tax
94-157 Homebuilders and Real Property Services Sales Tax
94-157s Constructores de Viviendas y Servicios de Bienes Raíces Impuesto sobre Ventas
94-160 Off-Road, Heavy-Duty Diesel Equipment Surcharge Texas Emissions Reduction Plan (TERP)
94-162 Fireworks (PDF) Fireworks
94-162s Impuesto sobre fuegos artificiales Fuegos Artificiales
94-164 Ready-Mix Concrete Sales, Delivery and Pumping Services Sales Tax
94-166 Property Tax Exemption for Organizations Engaged in Charitable Activities (PDF) Exempt Organizations
94-167 Texas 9-1-1 Emergency Service Fee and 9-1-1 Equalization Surcharge 911 Emergency Communications
94-168 Aircraft and the Texas Sales and Use Tax

(Currently being revised to include changes for SB 1396, 84th Regular Legislative Session)

Sales Tax
94-169 Volunteer Fire Department Assistance Fund Assessment (PDF) Insurance Tax
94-170 Boat and Boat Motor Taxes Boat Tax
94-171 Internet Orders - Buying and Selling Sales Tax
94-176 Photographers and Texas Sales Tax (PDF) Sales Tax
94-179 Out-of-State Wineries and Texas Taxes Sales Tax
94-182 Disasters and Texas Sales Tax Sales Tax
94-183 School Fundraisers and Texas Sales Tax (PDF) Sales Tax
94-186 Skydiving Sales Tax
94-187 Mold Remediation Services Sales Tax
94-431 Guidelines for Premium Tax Compliance with the Nonadmitted and Reinsurance Reform Act (PDF) Insurance Tax
94-433 Texas Sales Tax on the Use of Horses (PDF) Sales Tax
94-436 Retailers’ Guide to the Sales Tax Exemption Registration Requirement for Commercial Agricultural and Timber Operations (PDF) Sales Tax
94-437 Garage Sales and Texas Sales Tax (PDF) Sales Tax
94-437s Ventas de Garaje e Impuestos sobre las Ventas en Texas (PDF) Impuesto sobre Ventas
94-438 All-Terrain or Off-Road Vehicles and Texas Use Tax (PDF) Sales Tax
96-116 Motor Vehicle Sales, Use, and Rental Tax (PDF) Motor Vehicle Sales Tax
96-122 Exempt Organizations - Sales and Purchases (PDF) Exempt Organizations
96-132 Texas Sales Tax Rates Sales Tax
96-141 Fair Market Value Deduction (PDF) Motor Vehicle Sales Tax
96-143 Motor Vehicle Rental Tax Guidebook (PDF) Motor Vehicle Sales Tax
96-145 Rules of Practice and Procedure (PDF) General
96-146 Notice of Routine Audit (PDF) General
96-199 Texas Occupation Tax for Oil and Gas Well Services Oil Well Servicing Tax
96-203 Natural Gas Tax Guide (PDF) Minerals
96-211 Fairs, Festivals, Markets and Shows (PDF) Sales Tax
96-211s Ferias, festivales, mercados y exhibiciones Impuesto sobre Ventas
96-224 Hotel Occupancy Tax Exemptions Exempt Organizations
Hotel Occupancy Tax
96-224s Exención de Impuestos para la Ocupación de Hoteles Impuesto sobre la Ocupación de Hotel
96-237-3 Legislative Update - September 2013 (PDF) General
96-254 Motor Vehicle Tax Guidebook (PDF) Motor Vehicle Sales Tax
96-256 Coin-Operated Amusement Machine Regulation and Taxation (PDF) Coin Operated Machines
96-256s Reglamentación e Impuestos sobre Máquinas Traga-monedas Máquinas de Diversión
96-259 Taxable Services (PDF) Sales Tax
96-265 Texas Taxpayer Bill of Rights General
96-266 Informant's Recovery Program (PDF) Audit
96-273 State Tax Exemptions for People with Disabilities Sales Tax
96-273s Exenciones de Impuestos Estatales para Personas Discapacitadas Impuesto sobre Ventas
96-280 Grocery and Convenience Stores: Taxable and Nontaxable Sales (PDF) Sales Tax
96-280s Supermercados y Tiendas de Conveniencia: Ventas Imponibles y No Imponibles Impuesto sobre Ventas
96-299 Transmit Your Tax and Payment Data with Electronic Data Interchange (PDF) Electronic Tax Reporting
96-325 Mixed Beverage Gross Receipts Tax Guidebook (PDF)
(Currently being revised to include changes for HB 3572)
Mixed Beverage
96-334 Computer-Assisted Auditing (PDF) Audit
96-336 International Fuel Tax Agreement Texas Guidebook (PDF) IFTA
96-339 Jurisdictions That Impose Local Sales Tax on Telecommunications Services Sales Tax
96-385 Tax Policy News General
96-493 Cigarette Tax Recovery Trust Fund (PDF) Cigarette and Tobacco Products
96-536 Tobacco Sales Warning Sign Tobacco Products -
Regulatory Information
96-536s ¿Vendes o compras productos de tabaco? Productos de Tabaco - Información Regulativa
96-537 Tobacco Warning Sticker Tobacco Products -
Regulatory Information
96-537s Pegatina de aviso de tobacco Productos de Tobacco - Información Regulativa
96-541 Buying or Selling Tobacco Products to Minors – Brochure (PDF) Tobacco Products -
Regulatory Information
96-576 Voluntary Disclosure Agreements Voluntary Disclosure
96-590 TEXNET Payment Instructions Booklet (PDF) Electronic Tax Reporting
96-667 Automobile Burglary and Theft Prevention Authority Assessment - Procedure For Requesting Refunds Insurance Tax
96-888 WebFile: File Your Texas Sales Tax Return Online (PDF) Electronic Reporting
96-928 Information for Texas Tobacco Retailers (PDF) Cigarette, Cigar and Tobacco Products Tax
96-959 Information for Non-Retailers Who Buy and Sell Cigarette, Cigar and Tobacco Products (PDF) Cigarette, Cigar and Tobacco Products Tax
96-1045 Guidelines to Texas Tax Exemptions Exempt Organizations
96-1079 Identification Guidelines for Retail Tobacco Sales: How to Check Identification - Flyer (PDF) Tobacco Products -
Regulatory Information
96-1080 I check ID - Register Sticker Tobacco Products -
Regulatory Information
96-1082 Texas Guidelines for Retail Tobacco Sales: They've Gotta Be 18 to Buy Tobacco - Employee Booklet (PDF) Tobacco Products -
Regulatory Information
96-1112 Texas Agricultural Tax Exemptions (PDF) Sales Tax
96-1202 State of Texas Motor Fuel Tax Requirements for Motor Carriers Domiciled in Mexico (PDF) Fuels Tax
96-1202s Transportista domiciliado en México (PDF) Impuesto sobre Combustible
96-1246 Motor Vehicle Tax Commissions: Changes in 2015 (PDF) Motor Vehicle Sales Tax
96-1253 Contesting Disagreed Audits (PDF) Audit
96-1253s Disputando auditorias con las cuales está en desacuerdo Auditoria
96-1269 Important TEXNET Information and Due Date Schedule (PDF) Electronic Reporting
96-1309 Texas Tax Information for Retail Sellers of Electricity (PDF) Miscellaneous Gross Receipts Tax
96-1331 Energy Star Sales Tax Holiday Sales Tax
96-1744 A Field Guide to the Taxes of Texas (PDF) General
96-1780 MIxed Beverage Taxes: What You Can Expect (PDF) Mixed Beverage
98-117 Buying An Existing Business (PDF) General
98-117s Comprando Un Negocio Existente General
98-298 Motor Vehicle Sales Tax Warning Poster (English/Spanish) (PDF) Motor Vehicle Sales Tax
98-304 Interest Rate Change Notice General
98-376 Tax on Independently Procured Insurance (PDF) Insurance Tax
98-490 Sales Tax Holiday Sales Tax
98-490s Fin de Semana Libre de Impuestos sobre las Ventas Impuesto sobre Ventas
98-582 Hotel Occupancy Tax Notice Hotel Occupancy Tax
98-630 Cigarette, Cigar, and/or Tobacco Products Manufacturers' Responsibilities (PDF) Cigarette and Tobacco Products Tax
98-661 How to Claim a Tax Refund for Gasoline Used in Off-Highway Equipment (PDF) Fuels Tax
98-668 Requirements to Renew Your Manufacturer's Permit Cigarette and Tobacco Products Tax
98-685 Changes and Deadlines for Motor Fuels Tax Refund Claims Fuels Tax
98-697 Information for Internet, Mail Order, and Telephone Cigarette Sellers Cigarette and Tobacco Products Tax
98-709 Carpet Cleaning and Related Services Sales Tax
98-712 Schedule of Non-Issuing Days for Cigarette Stamps (PDF) Cigarette and Tobacco Products Tax
98-723 Reminder to Dyed Diesel Fuel Bonded Users Recordkeeping Requirements Fuels Tax
98-776 Taxes on Unrepaired Salvage Vehicles (PDF) Motor Vehicle Sales Tax
98-778 Notice To Vehicle Dealers - Taxable Promotional Items Sales Tax
98-796 January 1, 2006, Reminder Concerning Motor Fuel Exported or Sold for Export to Another State (PDF) Motor Fuels Tax
98-805 Motorcycles - Sales Tax on Street-Legal and Off-Road Vehicles (PDF) Motor Vehicle Sales Tax
98-806 Franchise Tax Overview Franchise Tax
98-820 Related Finance Companies and Seller-Financed Sales (PDF) Motor Vehicle Sales Tax
98-823 Sale of Dyed Diesel Fuel (PDF) Fuels Tax
98-849 Filing and Paying Your Texas Taxes Electronically (PDF) Electronic Reporting
Report of the Texas Internet Tax Policy Working Group Internet Tax
98-862 Franchise Tax Reporting Tips for Combined Groups (PDF) Franchise Tax
98-874-1 Reminder: Tax Rate for Tobacco Products Other than Cigars and Cigarettes (PDF) Cigarette and Tobacco Products
98-918 Late Filing Penalties (PDF) General
98-924 Texas Timber Sales Tax Exemptions (PDF) Sales Tax
Important Notice New Sales Tax Exemption Requirement for Commercial Agriculture and Timber Operations — Get A Registration Number Sales Tax
98-932 Notice – Monthly Reporting Requirements for Alcohol Distributors (PDF) Mixed Beverage
98-1004 Texas Ag/Timber Registration Renewal Poster (PDF) Sales Tax
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