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Sales Tax Update
a quarterly online newsletter about Texas Sales and Use Tax

Sales Tax Update is a quarterly online newsletter with timely tips about Texas sales and use tax. To ensure the public has access to current tax information, only recent issues of Sales Tax Update are available via this index. Older issues are no longer provided since they may contain information that has been superseded or can be misleading and conflicts with current tax law. Articles that reflect policy for various taxes are available on our State Tax Automated Research (STAR) System.

A Special Note to Readers
Sales Tax Update - So Long, Farewell...

Sales Tax Update, our quarterly online newsletter with tips about Texas sales and use tax, is being merged with Tax Policy News. We will continue to publish Tax Policy News once a month. With this change, the latest information you need about Texas sales and use tax will be available sooner, and Tax Policy News will continue to have all the latest news about all Texas taxes.

If you currently subscribe to Sales Tax Update, you will automatically receive future issues of Tax Policy News. If you aren't a subscriber, you can use our online subscription service to be notified by e-mail when the latest issue of Tax Policy News is available. You can also use our subscription service to receive updates to other Comptroller's office publications and news of interest to you.

Recent Issues


Legislative Update - September 2009

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2nd Quarter - June 2009

1st Quarter - April 2009

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