Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts

Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts, Glenn Hegar

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Title 3. Local Taxation
Subtitle B. Special Property Tax Provisions

Chapter 312. Property Redevelopment and Tax Abatement Act

Subchapter D. County Development Districts.

Sections 312.601 to 312.640. Redesignated as V.T.C.A., Local Government Code Sections 383.001 to 383.123 by Acts 1997, 75th Leg., ch. 165, § 23.05, eff. Sept. 1, 1997

Sec. 312.601. Short Title.
Sec. 312.602. Legislative Intent.
Sec. 312.603. Legislative Findings.
Sec. 312.604. Definitions.
Sec. 312.605. Counties Authorized to Create Districts.
Sec. 312.6055. Petition of Landowners.
Sec. 312.606. Contents of Petition.
Sec. 312.607. Hearing on Petition.
Sec. 312.608. Notice of Hearing.
Sec. 312.609. Hearing.
Sec. 312.610. Granting or Refusing Petition.
Sec. 312.611. Temporary Directors; Vacancy in Office.
Sec. 312.612. Qualification of Temporary Directors.
Sec. 312.613. Confirmation and Sales and Use Tax Election.
Sec. 312.614. Election Order.
Sec. 312.615. Notice.
Sec. 312.616. Conduct of Election.
Sec. 312.617. Results of Election.
Sec. 312.618. Board of Directors.
Sec. 312.619. Qualifications for Directors.
Sec. 312.620. Persons Disqualified to Serve.
Sec. 312.621. Vacancies on the Board.
Sec. 312.622. Removal of Director.
Sec. 312.623. Organization of Board.
Sec. 312.624. Quorum; Officers' Duties; Management of District.
Sec. 312.625. Meetings and Notice.
Sec. 312.626. Director's Compensation; Bond and Oath of Office.
Sec. 312.627. Governmental Agency; Suits.
Sec. 312.628. Powers.
Sec. 312.629. Competitive Bidding; Contract Award.
Sec. 312.630. Eminent Domain.
Sec. 312.631. Expenditures.
Sec. 312.632. Purposes for Borrowing Money.
Sec. 312.633. Repayment of Organizational Expenses.
Sec. 312.634. Issuance of Bonds.
Sec. 312.635. Manner of Repayment of Bonds.
Sec. 312.636. Use of Bond Proceeds.
Sec. 312.637. Sales and Use Tax.
Sec. 312.638. Adding and Excluding Land from the District.
Sec. 312.639. Dissolution of District.
Sec. 312.640. Dissolution of District on Agreement with Municipality.

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