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Tax Rates and Levies

Beginning with the 2012 tax year, Tax Code Section 26.16 requires the county assessor-collector for each county that maintains an Internet website to post on the county website certain tax rate information for each taxing unit in the county. Comptroller Rule 9.1002 Posting of Tax Rates on County's Internet Website prescribes the manner in which the information is required to be presented. Please contact your local county tax assessor-collector for more information.

The market values, taxable values, and tax rates are self-reported by local entities. The Comptroller’s office does not guarantee the accuracy of the self-reported information. All levies shown are calculated by the Comptroller’s office from the self-reported information and do not reflect actual tax collections.

School District City County Special District
2013 School District Rates and Levies (Excel, 191KB) City Rates and Levies (Excel, 301KB) County Rates and Levies (Excel, 99KB) Special District Rates and Levies (Excel, 483KB)
2012 School District Rates and Levies (Excel, 147KB) City Rates and Levies (Excel, 150KB) County Rates and Levies (Excel, 6.5KB) Special District Rates and Levies (Excel, 171KB)
2011 School District Rates and Levies (Excel, 189KB) City Rates and Levies (Excel, 153KB) County Rates and Levies (Excel, 6.4KB) Special District Rates and Levies (Excel, 174KB)
2010 All Taxing Units (Excel, 314KB)
2009 All Taxing Units (Excel, 438KB)
2008 All Taxing Units (Excel, 433KB)
2007 All Taxing Units (Excel, 372KB)
2006 All Taxing Units (Excel, 369KB)
2005 All Taxing Units (Excel, 363KB)
2004 All Taxing Units (Excel, 357KB)

An * by the taxing unit name in the spreadsheet indicates that the appraisal district did not respond to the survey conducted by the Property Tax Assistance Division.

An ** by the taxing unit name in the special district spreadsheet indicates that the taxing unit is a community college district that may collect a tax in some school districts under Education Code Chapter 130. This allows for a different tax rate for branch campuses in those school districts.

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