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2010 ISD Summary Worksheet


001-902/Cayuga ISD

Category Local Tax Roll Value 2010 WTD Mean Ratio 2010 PTD Value Estimate 2010 Value Assigned
A. Single-Family Residences 22,421,315 N/A 22,421,315 22,421,315
B. Multi-Family Residences 79,347 N/A 79,347 79,347
C. Vacant Lots 21,630 N/A 21,630 21,630
D. Rural Real(Taxable) 85,665,143 1.0000 85,665,143 85,665,143
F1. Commercial Real 3,284,762 N/A 3,284,762 3,284,762
F2. Industrial Real 0 N/A 0 0
G. Oil, Gas, Minerals 23,174,990 N/A 23,174,990 23,174,990
J. Utilities 72,111,053 N/A 72,111,053 72,111,053
L1. Commercial Personal 2,622,658 N/A 2,622,658 2,622,658
L2. Industrial Personal 125,202,640 N/A 125,202,640 125,202,640
M. Other Personal 5,112,997 N/A 5,112,997 5,112,997
N. Intangible Pers/Uncert 0 N/A 0 0
O. Residential Inventory 0 N/A 0 0
S. Special Inventory 0 N/A 0 0
Subtotal 339,696,535 339,696,535 339,696,535
Less Total Deductions 36,454,510   36,454,510 36,454,510
Total Taxable Value 303,242,025 303,242,025 303,242,025 T2
Category D Detail Local Tax Roll Ratio PTD Value
Market Value Non-Qualified Acres And Farm/Ranch Imp 74,679,275 N/A 74,679,275
Prod Value Qualified Acres 10,985,868 1.0000 10,985,868
Taxable Value 85,665,143   85,665,143

The taxable values shown here will not match the values reported by your appraisal district

See the ISD DEDUCTION Report for a breakdown of deduction values

Government code subsections 403.302 (J) AND (K) require the Comptroller to certify alternative measures of school district Wealth (T1, T3, T4, T5 and T6) in addition to the traditional measure (T2). Questions about the extent to which any of these wealth measures affect school funding should be directed to the Division Of State Funding at the Texas Education Agency, Telephone #512-463-9238.

T1 T2 T3 T4 T5 T6
309,373,103 303,242,025 304,386,809 298,255,731 303,242,025 298,255,731

Loss To
the Additional
$10,000 Homestead
50% of the loss
To the Local Optional
Percentage Homestead
6,131,078 4,986,294

T1 = School district taxable value before the loss to the additional $10,000 homestead exemption

T2 = School district taxable value after the loss to the additional $10,000 homestead exemption and the tax ceiling reduction

T3 = T1 minus 50% of the loss to the local optional percentage homestead exemption

T4 = T2 minus 50% of the loss to the local optional percentage homestead exemption

T5 = T2 Before the loss to the tax ceiling reduction

T6 = T5 Minus 50% of the loss to the local optional percentage homestead exemption

The PVS found your local value to be valid, and local value was certified

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