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Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts, Glenn Hegar

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2009 Index Calculation Report
122 / Jeff Davis

Native Pasture

ISD ISD Name PTD $/Acre - CAD Reported Values No. Acres Reported Value Reported Value $/Acre Index Factor PTD $/Acre - ISD
122-901 Fort Davis ISD   850,954 13,063,500 15.35 1.0372 17.01
122-902 Valentine ISD   520,234 7,224,810 13.89 0.9385 15.39
CAD Totals:   16.40 1,371,188 20,288,310 14.80    

School district acreages and productivity value totals include land reclassified to wildlife management and transition to timber. Index calculations are based on reported ISD value per acre divided by CAD average value per acre.

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