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DATE:   1/22/2004        Comptroller Of Public Accounts             PAGE:      2
TIME: 13:55                  Property Tax Division                  RPT: UTL7000
                           2003 Property Value Study
                         Utilities Category Worksheet
                            EL PASO / 071-902-071
                                EL PASO / 071

    Company         ISD Appraised              PTD Market           Indicated
    Number              Value                    Value                Ratio

                       No Sample Found For This District

   Totals:                      0                        0           1.0000

            Utility Weighted Mean Ratio For Sample:                  1.0000

            Total Self-Reported Utility Value (J1-J8):          353,377,254

            Divided By ISD Utility Weighted Mean Ratio:              1.0000

            Estimated PTD Utility Market Value:                 353,377,254