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Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts, Glenn Hegar

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Civil Statutes on Property
Taxation and Administration

Table of Contents

These civil statutes include selected sections of the following code chapters.
These selected sections deal with property taxation and administration.

Agriculture Code

Chapter 1. General Provisions
Chapter 71. General Control
Chapter 142. Estrays

Business and Commerce Code

Chapter 17. Deceptive Trade Practices

Civil Practices and Remedies

Chapter 17. Parties; Citation; Long-Arm Jurisdiction
Chapter 34. Execution on Judgments
Chapter 171. General Arbitration

Education Code

Chapter 11. School Districts
Chapter 42. Foundation School Program
Chapter 44. Fiscal Management
Chapter 45. School District Funds

Government Code

Chapter 403. Comptroller of Public Accounts
Chapter 411. Department of Public Safety of the State of Texas
Chapter 418. Emergency Management
Chapter 431. State Militia
Chapter 551. Open Meetings Act
Chapter 552. Public Information Act
Chapter 573. Degrees of Relationship; Nepotism Prohibitions
Chapter 791. Interlocal Cooperation Contracts
Chapter 810. Miscellaneous Provisions
Chapter 825. Public Retirement System Administration
Chapter 2051. Government Documents, Publications, and Notices
Chapter 2256. Public Funds Investment Act

Health and Safety Code

Chapter 61. Indigent Health Care and Treatment Act
Chapter 281. Hospital District in Counties of At Least 190,000
Chapter 285. Special Provisions Relating to Hospital Districts

Local Government Code

Chapter 54. Enforcement of Municipal Ordinances
Chapter 81. Commissioners and County Officers
Chapter 171. Regulation of Conflicts of Interest of Officers of Municipalities, Counties, and Certain Other Local Governments
Chapter 176. Disclosure of Certain Relationships with Local Government Officials; Providing Public Access to Certain Information
Chapter 252. Purchasing and Contracting Authorities of Municipalities
Chapter 262. Purchasing and Contracting Authorities of Counties
Chapter 375. Municipal Management Districts in General

Natural Resources Code

Chapter 33. Management of Coastal Public Land

Occupations Code

Chapter 1151. Property Tax Professionals
Chapter 1152. Property Tax Consultants
Chapter 1201. Manufactured Housing

Property Code

Chapter 11. Provisions Generally Applicable to Public Records
Chapter 13. Effects of Recording
Chapter 21. Eminent Domain
Chapter 29. Forced Sale of Owner's Interest in Certain Real Property as Reimbursement for Property Taxes Paid by Co-owner on Owner's Behalf
Chapter 41. Interests in Land

Transportation Code

Chapter 258. Clarification of Existence of Public Interest in Road by Adoption of County Road Map
Chapter 502. Registration of Vehicles
Chapter 503. Dealers and Manufacturer's Vehicle License Plates
Chapter 623. Permits for Oversize or Overweight Vehicles

Water Code

Chapter 49. Provisions Applicable to All Districts

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