Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts

Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts, Glenn Hegar

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Occupations Code
Subtitle B. Professions Related to Property Taxation

Chapter 1151. Property Tax Professionals.
Subchapter A. General Provisions.

Sec. 1151.001. Short Title.
Sec. 1151.002. Definitions.
Sec. 1151.003. Application of Sunset Act.
Sec. 1151.005. Prohibition Against Requiring Unprofessional Conduct.

Subchapter B. Board of Tax Professional Examiners.
Sec. 1151.051. Board Membership.
Sec. 1151.051. Board Membership; Eligibility.
Sec. 1151.0511. Public Member Eligibility.
Sec. 1151.0512. Membership and Employee Restrictions.
Sec. 1151.052. Terms.
Sec. 1151.053. Meetings.
Sec. 1151.054. Officers.
Sec. 1151.055. Compensation; Reimbursement.
Sec. 1151.056. Training.
Sec. 1151.057. Grounds for Removal.

Subchapter B-1. Executive Director and Personnel.
Sec. 1151.071. Executive Director and Personnel.
Sec. 1151.072. Division of Responsibilities.
Sec. 1151.073. Requirements and Standards of Conduct Information.
Sec. 1151.074. Information on State Employee Incentive Program.
Sec. 1151.075. Equal Employment Opportunity Policy; Report.

Subchapter C. Board Powers and Duties.
Sec. 1151.1015. Interagency Contract with Comptroller.
Sec. 1151.102. General Rulemaking Authority.
Sec. 1151.1021. Negotiated Rulemaking and Alternative Dispute Resolution Policy.
Sec. 1151.103. Establishment of Professional Standards.
Sec. 1151.104. Enforcement of Chapter.
Sec. 1151.105. Record of Board Proceedings.
Sec. 1151.106. Classification System for Registrants.
Sec. 1151.107. Roster of Registrants.
Sec. 1151.108. Money Received by Board.
Sec. 1151.109. Waiver of Fee or Penalty Prohibited.
Sec. 1151.110. Use of Technology.

Subchapter C-1. Public Interest Information and Complaint Procedures.
Sec. 1151.131. Public Participation.
Sec. 1151.132. Records of Complaints.
Sec. 1151.133. Notification of Investigation.

Subchapter D. Registration and Certification.
Sec. 1151.151. Registration Required; Exemption.
Sec. 1151.152. Eligibility for Registration.
Sec. 1151.153. Registration Application.
Sec. 1151.154. Submission of Application.
Sec. 1151.155. Action on Application.
Sec. 1151.156. Discrimination Prohibited.
Sec. 1151.157. Issuance and Possession of Identification Card Required.
Sec. 1151.158. Annual Fee; Expiration and Renewal of Registration.
Sec. 1151.1581. Continuing Education.
Sec. 1151.159. Removal from Roster of Registrants; Reinstatement.
Sec. 1151.160. Certification Levels and Requirements.
Sec. 1151.161. Examination for Certification; Applications.
Sec. 1151.1611. Examination Results.
Sec. 1151.162. Rules Relating to Recertification and Specialization.
Sec. 1151.163. License by Endorsement.

Subchapter E. Enforcement.
Sec. 1151.201. Initiation of Proceedings.
Sec. 1151.202. Denial of Registration; Disciplinary Action.
Sec. 1151.2025. Probation.
Sec. 1151.203. Rules for Proceedings; Notice.
Sec. 1151.204. Dismissal of Complaint Relating to Appraised Value.
Sec. 1151.205. Subpoena Authority.

Subchapter F. Criminal Penalties.
Sec. 1151.251. Failure to Register.
Sec. 1151.252. Prohibited Actions While Registration or Certification is Revoked or Suspended.
Sec. 1151.253. Complaint of Violation.

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