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Archives - Historical Information

The following tax reports are available for research and reference purposes. Click on a below title to be taken to the available archived versions.

Tax Rates and Levies by County

2010 (Excel, 314KB)
2009 (Excel, 438KB)
2008 (Excel, 433KB)
2007 (Excel, 372KB)
2006 (Excel, 369KB)
2005 (Excel, 363KB)
2004 (Excel, 357KB)
2003 (Excel, 345KB)
2002 (Excel, 340KB)
2001 (Excel, 337KB)

Texas Property Tax Code

2011 Edition (PDF, 1.1MB) (May not be downloaded or re-used for commercial purposes)
2009 Edition (PDF, 1.7MB)
2008 Edition
2006 Edition
2004 Edition
2002 Edition

Texas Property Tax Laws

Texas Property Tax Law Changes

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