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Appendix C:
County Local Self Report Data - 2003
Appendix C Data
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The Texas Comptroller’s annual report of property taxes includes detailed property tax information for the 254 counties in Texas. Tax Code Section 5.09 requires the Comptroller’s annual report to include for each county the total appraised value of property by property class, total taxable value and the tax rate.

A statewide summary of county property values, exemptions, deductions and tax levies appears on page C-26.

For each county, the appendix lists total appraised value in 16 property categories. Definitions for each of these categories appear in the glossary of this report. “Appraised value” represents the market value of property on January 1, 2003. Qualified agricultural and timberlands receive productivity appraisal. “Taxable value” means the appraised value minus partial exemptions and other possible deductions.

Many counties report little or no 2003 value in Category H, Vehicles. Personal property not used to produce income, such as personal vehicles, is exempt from taxation unless a school district takes official action to tax it. Category M, Other Personal, is the property value of other personal property, such as manufactured homes. Although Category N, Intangible Personal, appears in this appendix, there is little or no intangible personal property value to tax. Uncertified value also may appear in Category N.

Category S, Special Property, includes certain property inventory of businesses that provide items for sale to the public. State law requires these inventory items to be appraised based on the business’ total annual sales in the prior tax year. The following are the four types of Category S properties: Dealer’s Motor Vehicle Inventory, Dealer’s Heavy Equipment Inventory, Dealer’s Vessel and Outboard Motor Inventory and Retail Manufactured Housing Inventory.

“Total Value” in each category is the appraised value before exemptions.

“Deductions-FM” is the amount of value deducted from appraised value to arrive at the value taxed for farm-to-market roads and flood control. State law mandates a $3,000 homestead exemption for the farm-to-market roads and flood control tax. The amount of exemption may be greater for those homeowners 65 or older.

“Deductions-GF” is the amount of value deducted from appraised value to arrive at the value taxed for the General Fund.

“Local % HS Exempt Grant” indicates if the county granted a local option percentage homestead exemption and the percentage granted, if any. For 2003, a total of 110 counties granted local option percentage homestead exemptions ranging from 1 to 20 percent.

For the county tax rates, a county may levy as many as three individual tax rates for funds dedicated to specific purposes as provided by the Texas Constitution. Those three funds include: Farm-to-Market Roads & Flood Control (F.M. & F.C.), General Fund and a Special Road & Bridge Fund. The report shows the tax rate and total levy for each particular fund.

All 254 Texas counties impose a tax for the General Fund. For the 2003 tax year, only 120 counties reported levying the F.M. & F.C. tax and 71 counties levied the Special Road & Bridge tax.

“Total County Rate” and “Total County Levy” are for the funds noted above.

Texas Comptroller Carole Keeton Strayhorn gratefully acknowledges the cooperation of county officials in providing their property tax information for this report.

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