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Appraisal District Operations Report
2003 and 2004 Data

The 2003-2004 Appraisal District Operations Report files below are in PDF format. If you do not have Adobe Acrobat Reader, you will need to download the latest version to view and print these files.

"Alpha" indicates appraisal district in order by name.
"Parcel" indicates appraisal districts in order by total parcel count of districts.
Others are in order by date of action or year.

Transmittal Letter

State Summary
Taxing Units and Parcels
Taxing Units in an Appraisal District Alpha Parcel  
Taxing Units Changing Appraisal Districts Alpha Parcel  
Real, Mineral, Personal and Total Parcels Alpha Parcel  
Budget Data
2003 and 2004 Budget and Surplus Amounts Alpha Parcel
Costs Per Parcel/Cost as Percentage of Levy Alpha Parcel  
Taxing Units Late Paying 2003 Budget Allocations
Vetoed Budgets/Changed Allocation Methods
Alpha Parcel 
Districts With Different Fiscal Year AlphaParcel 
Chief Appraiser Data
Chief Appraiser 2003 and 2004 Compensation Alpha Parcel 
Other 2004 Compensation Alpha Parcel 
Chief Appraiser Fringe Benefits: Expenses, Insurance Alpha Parcel 
Chief Appraiser Fringe Benefits: Auto Allowance Alpha Parcel 
Liability Insurance Alpha Parcel 
County Appraisal District (CAD) Staff Data
Appraisal District Personnel Alpha Parcel 
CAD Staff Benefits Alpha Parcel 
Appraisal District Staff Appraisers and Salaries Alpha Parcel 
Average Parcels Per Staff Appraiser Alpha Parcel 
Field Staff Auto Allowances Alpha Parcel 
CAD Staff Registered With BTPE Alpha Parcel 
Appraisal District Directors and Counsel
Appraisal District Board of Directors Alpha Parcel 
Change in Board Size/Selection/Staggered Terms Alpha Parcel 
Liability Insurance Alpha Parcel 
Appraisal District Legal Counsel Alpha ParcelFirm
Taxpayer Liaison Officer Alpha Parcel 
Appraisal Review Board (ARB) Data
ARB Members Alpha Parcel 
ARB Administration Alpha ParcelFirm
Hearing Location; Other Hearing Times Available Alpha Parcel 
ARB Budget Alpha Parcel 
Liability Insurance Alpha Parcel 
Agricultural Advisory Board
AG Advisory Board Members Alpha Parcel 
Appraisal District Office
Tax Office Serves as Appraisal District Office Alpha Parcel 
Appraisal District Office Information Alpha Parcel 
Districts Operating Regional Offices AlphaParcel 
Computer Data
Computer Facilities Alpha Parcel 
Computer Hardware Alpha Parcel 
Outside Computer Service Alpha Parcel 
Computer Personnel and Salaries Alpha Parcel 
Software Services Alpha Parcel Company
Geographic Information System (GIS)
Geographic Information System Alpha Parcel 
GIS Hardware and Software Alpha Parcel 
Electronic Data Submission Process Alpha Parcel 
Reappraisal Plans
Years of Last and Next Reappraisal Alpha Parcel 
Last Complete Reappraisal Year   Year
Next Complete Reappraisal Year   Year
Method Used If Not Inspected Alpha  
Freeport Property
Units That Tax Freeport Property Alpha Parcel 
Non-Income Producing Personal Property
Units That Tax Non-Income Producing Personal Property Alpha Parcel 
Taxation of Non-Income Leased Vehicles
Cities That Tax Non-Income Leased Vehicles Alpha Parcel  
2003 Appraisal Roll
2003 Ratio Study, Appraises Overlapping Properties Alpha Parcel 
2003 Renditions/Business/Renditions & Value Alpha Parcel 
2003 Appraisal Roll Information Alpha Parcel 
ARB Protests and Challenges Alpha Parcel 
2003 ARB Findings Alpha Parcel Date
2003 Supplemental Record Information Alpha Parcel 
Section 25.25 Protests Filed in 2003 Alpha Parcel 
2003 Lawsuits on ARB Decisions and Binding Arbitration Alpha Parcel 
Lawsuits Settled in 2003 Alpha Parcel 
Number of Pending Lawsuits From Prior Years Alpha Parcel 
Assessment and Collection Data
CAD Assessment Services in 2003-2004 Alpha Parcel 
CAD Consolidated Collection Services Alpha Parcel 
Allocation of Collection Costs Alpha Parcel 
CAD Consolidated Collection Contracts; Collects; No Appraisal Alpha Parcel 
CAD Performance Bond for Collection Alpha Parcel 
Units That Appraisal District Collects Alpha  
Units That Another Taxing Unit Collects Alpha  
Units That Private Company Collects Alpha  
Tax Rate Rollback Activity
Units Involved in 2003 Tax Rate Rollback Activity Alpha Parcel 
Appraisal District Operations Survey