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Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts, Glenn Hegar

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Filing and Payment


Electronic reporting and payment

Tax Forms

Index to all Texas tax forms

Approved Franchise Tax Preparation Software Providers

Current list of approved franchise electronic submission and printable forms software providers.

Tax Research

STAR System

The State Tax Automated Research (STAR) System is a searchable collection of all types of tax policy documents.

Texas Statutes

Research statutes on the Texas Legislative Council Website

Tax Rules

Research tax rules in the Texas Administrative Code

Tax Publications

Subject matter index and numerical index to all tax publications.

Frequently Asked Questions

Subject Matter index to all tax FAQs.

Private Letter Rulings and General Information Letters

Information about Rule 3.1. Describes how the Comptroller may respond to a written inquiry for taxability guidance related to Texas tax laws, rules, and policies.

Search Tax Databases

Franchise Tax Account Status

Determine if an entity's right to transact business in Texas is intact.

Sales Taxpayer Search

Determine the status of a sales tax permit.

Tax Exempt Entity Search

Determine the status of an exemption from Texas franchise, sales, and/or hotel tax.

Sales Tax Rate Locator

Determine the local sales tax rate in a Texas taxing jurisdiction.

Ag/Timber Exemption Number Registrants

Determine if a person holds an agriculture/timber registration number to make certain purchases tax-free.

Qualified Research Registration Number Search

Determine if a person holds a qualified research registration number to make certain purchases tax-free.

Direct Pay Permit Holders

Determine the status of a direct pay sales tax permit.

Maquiladora Enterprise Search

Determine the status of a maquiladora export permit.

Fuels License Search

Determine the status and type of fuels tax licenses held by a taxpayer.

Registered Qualifying Data Centers

Determine that a qualified owner, occupant or operator claiming a sales tax exemption on items necessary and essential to the operation of a qualifying data center has a registration number issued by the Comptroller.

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