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Amended Purchaser Tax Report


  • This report must be accompanied by all Lease Detail Supplement pages (Form #10-171). It is recommended to complete the supplement pages first, prior to completing the Report Totals and Tax Computation page.
  • To amend more than one report period, taxpayers are required to file a separate amended report for each individual report period.
  • This page must include a signature and printed name.
  • Do not write in shaded areas.

Amended Purchaser Report of Natural Gas Tax


Item c: Taxpayer Number:

Enter your 11-digit taxpayer number assigned by the Comptroller's office.

Item e: Filing Period:

  • Monthly Filers: Enter the month and year for the report period. Example: March 2007

Item 1: Total Net Taxable Value of Condensate:

Enter the total amount of all net taxable values of condensate from Line 22 of the Lease Detail Supplement page(s). Enter dollars and cents.

Item 2: Tax Due on Condensate:

Enter the tax due amount on condensate by multiplying the net taxable value on condensate reported in Item 1 on this page by 0.046 (or 4.6%). Enter dollars and cents.

Item 3: Total Net Taxable Value of Gas

Enter the total net taxable values of gas for all commodities in Line 22 of the Lease Detail Supplement page(s). Do not include values that correspond with high cost gas exemption "Type 05" leases and condensate values. Enter dollars and cents.

Item 4: Tax Due on Gas

Enter the tax due amount on gas by multiplying the net taxable values of gas in Item 3 of this page by 0.075 (or 7.5%). Enter dollars and cents.

Item 5: Taxable Regulatory Fee Volume

  • Leases are subject to the regulatory fee whenever approved legislative exemptions include "Yes" as being liable for tax for raw gas and product commodities. The exception is leases that are approved for the reactivated orphan well exemption are not subject to the regulatory fee. Enter whole numbers.
  • Enter the sum of your volume of all leases reported in line 16 of the Lease Detail Supplement page(s) that includes the commodities of raw gas (RG) and products (PR) less the total of all the governmental royalty volumes reported in Line 19.
  • Include volumes for residue (RS) unless the residue volume is included as part of the plant products or raw gas volume. Only include leases marked "Yes" as liable for tax due in Line 18.

Item 6: Regulatory Fee Due

Enter the regulatory fee due amount by multiplying the volume in Item 5 of this page by 0.000667. Enter dollars and cents.

Item 7: Tax Due on Exemption Type 5

Enter the sum of all the reduced tax due amounts reported with high cost gas exemption "Type 05" leases in line 24 of the Lease Detail Supplement page(s). Enter dollars and cents.

Item 8: Total Tax and Fee Due

Enter the total tax and fee due amount by adding the amounts indicated in Items 2, 4, 6 and 7 of this page. Enter dollars and cents.

Item 9: Credits

Enter a credit amount only if using a credit from another report period to offset the liability in this report period. In order to process the transfer of credit, the "Credit Transfer Form for Natural Gas Tax" (Form #10-147), must be signed and submitted.

Item 10: Net Amount Due

Enter the net amount due by subtracting Item 8 from Item 9 of this page. Enter dollar and cents.

Item 11: Penalty and Interest

  • If a payment is 1-30 days late, a 5 percent penalty is assessed on the tax balance due.
  • If a balance is remaining after 30 days, an additional 5 percent penalty is assessed on the tax balance due.
  • Interest begins to accrue on the 61 day after the due date of a report period.
  • The interest rate varies annually. For current interest rate information, call the Comptroller toll-free at (877) 447-02837 or visit our Web site at:

Item 12: Total Amount Due and Payable

Add the amounts in Item 10 and Item 11. Make the amount in Item 12 payable to "State Comptroller."

Purchaser Lease Detail Supplement

Locator Number

Once a report has processed, a locator number is assigned by the Comptroller's office for each lease transaction. The purpose of the locator number is to identify the lease that needs to be corrected. Using the locator number is optional and will eliminate the need to re-enter unchanged lease data.

When using a locator number, only enter data that needs to be corrected. The locator number can be used to:

  1. replace any field for Line 3 through Line 12, except Line 9 and/or
  2. adjust any fields for Line 13 through Line 22, except Line 21.

When A Locator Number Cannot Be Used

  1. The locator number cannot be used to amend a lease to create a new exemption item. When amending a lease to claim a new exemption, the current reverse and re-book method must be used.
  2. A locator number cannot be used when amending volumes and values on a lease with raw gas commodity to a condensate commodity or condensate commodity to raw gas commodity. The reason a locator number cannot be used in this scenario is because different tax rates are involved. Using the locator number will not allow a credit balance to be created on the report total and therefore will not create a credit amount on the payment record for the amended report period.
  3. If amending a report electronically, it is not recommended to amend with a locator number. The reverse and re-book method works the best when amending reports electronically.

Steps In Using A Locator Number:

  1. Enter the locator number in the space provided on the lease detail supplement page.
  2. Enter data that needs to be replaced and/or adjusted.
  3. Leave the unchanged lines blank, if no corrections are required.

Example of Producer Amended Report Using A Locator Number:

A lease was previously reported with a:

  • "county code" of 156 and
  • "net taxable value" of $30,000.
  • The assigned "locator number" was 7654321 for this lease transaction.

The correct data is:

  • "county code" of 159 and
  • "net taxable value" of $25,000.

To replace the "county code" from 156 to 159 and adjust the "net taxable value from $30,000 to $25,000, the following data is entered on the amended report:

  • 7654321 in the line for the "locator number"
  • 159 to correct the "county code" in Line 6 and
  • -$5,000 credit amount to correct the "net taxable value" in Line 20.

Locator Number Example On Amended Report

Locator Number

  1. Lease Name (as recorded with the Railroad Commission)

    Enter the lease name as recorded with the Texas Railroad Commission.

  2. County of production

    Enter the county as recorded with the Texas Railroad Commission. If the lease overlaps a county line, the county where the purchase meter is located should be shown.

  3. Commodity

    Enter the 2-digit alpha code for the type of commodity reported on the lease identified in lines 1 and 7.

    RG - Raw Gas - Report sale or purchase of raw gas, unprocessed gas from an oil well, or gas well gas.

    CN - Condensate - Report the taxable disposition and purchase of all condensate from a gas well, actual or theoretical. Condensate is the liquid hydrocarbon, or high gravity oil that is, or can be, removed from gas by a separator. It does not include absorption and separated by a fractionating process.

    • Report CN-4 only when reporting a gas lease (Type "2"). It should be reported in barrels, rounded to the nearest whole barrel.
    • CN-4 cannot be reported as an off-lease sale.
    • CN-4 is the only commodity that cannot be reported as an oil well, type "1", or any approved exempt code types 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 or 9.
    • Oil production from a well classified as type "1" must be reported on the Texas Monthly Report of Taxable Crude Oil.

    RS - Residue Gas - Gas that has been processed and the liquids removed by a processing plant. Residue gas should only be reported when the purchaser of the products is different. If a processing plant takes title to both commodities for products and residue, report as RG-1 indicating the plant operator as the purchaser.

    PR - Products - Liquid hydrocarbons extracted from a gas stream at a plant. Use the products commodity only when the purchasers of the products and residue are different. Do not use gallons extracted or shrinkage volume. Enter the total inlet volume to the processing plant as the volume (i.e., the raw gas volume delivered to the extraction plant).

  4. Commodity code

    Enter the 2-digit alpha code for the type of commodity reported on the lease identified in lines 1 and 7.

    Commodity Code
    Commodity Code
    1 RG
    4 CN
    5 RS
    6 PR
  5. Lease type

    Enter the number for the designated lease type:

    1 - oil lease
    2 - gas lease

    Note: Do not enter an exempt lease type for this item. Item 9 is now used to identify exemptions.

  6. County code

    Enter the Comptroller's office 3-digit code for the county shown in Line 2. A list of county codes is available on Comptroller's Web site: www.window.state.tx.us/taxinfo/taxpubs/tx96_203.pdf

  7. Lease number

    Enter the identification number assigned by the Texas Railroad Commission for the lease shown in Line 1.

    The Texas Railroad Commission assigns separate completion numbers to gas reservoirs. Therefore, the number assigned to the property becomes the lease identification number used to report volumes and values to the Comptroller's office. The lease identification number is reported on the natural gas tax report consists of one of the following:

    • Five-digit lease identification number assigned to an oil lease, plus a preceding zero.
    • Six-digit gas well completion number.
    • Two-digit "R3" code and four-digit identification number assigned to a plant or drip station by the Texas Railroad Commission.

    Report each well separately when reporting multiple wells within one lease where only one or more wells qualify for an exemption.

    Enter the check digit. The check digit is a mathematically calculated check digit used by the Comptroller's office.

    NOTE: The check-digit in Line 7 of the producer and purchaser report is no longer part of the lease identification number and it mostly used for key entry purposes. No edits are in place for the check-digit field. If a different or incorrect digit is reported, no report error will be generated.

    Drilling Permit Number: When reporting volumes and values on a lease not yet assigned by the Railroad Commission, use the drilling completion number assigned to the lease until the Railroad Commission assigns a lease number. To use the drilling permit number, complete item 8.

  8. Is item 7 a drilling permit number?
    • If a lease number has not been assigned yet and Item 7 is a Railroad Commission assigned drilling permit number, check "Yes."
    • If item 7 is a Railroad Commissioned lease number, check "No."

    This feature was added to reduce the number of reporting errors.

  9. Exemption type

    Enter the number for the designated exemption type, if applicable:

    • 03 - approved two-year inactive lease (beginning Sept. 1, 1997 or 9709)
    • 04 - approved flared/released gas lease (beginning Sept. 1, 1997 or 9709)
    • 05 - approved high-cost lease with reduced rate (beginning Sept. 1, 1996 or 9609)
    • 06 - approved high-cost gas lease (beginning Sept. 1, 1991 or 9109. This exemption ended Aug. 31, 2001)
    • 07 - approved three-year inactive well (beginning Sept. 1, 1991 or 9109)
    • 08 - approved co-production (beginning Sept. 1, 1993 or 9309). This exemption ended Aug. 31, 2001.
    • 09 - approved incremental production gas lease (beginning Sept. 1, 1997 or 9709. This exemption was suspended 0012, but was reinstated 0106, then suspended again effective 0303).
    • 11 - qualifying low-producing gas well (beginning Sept. 1, 2005 or 0509).
    • 12 - reactivated orphaned well (beginning Jan. 1, 2006 or 0601).
  10. API number

    Enter the last 8-digits of the American Petroleum Institute (API) number assigned by the Texas Railroad Commission to each well that qualifies for a well-level exemption. The API number is only required for the following well-level exemptions:

    • two-year inactive well exemption (Type "03"),
    • three-year inactive well exemption (Type "07"), and
    • reactivated orphan well exemption (Type "12").

    If the API number is required, the correct API number must be entered or the exemption will be disallowed and the lease entry will be changed to a taxable entry.

    If there are multiple exempt wells for a lease, the production must be allocated to each individual exempt API number on the lease. To do this, a lease entry must be reported for each individual exempt well.

  11. Producer's name

    Enter the name of the producer.

  12. Producer taxpayer number

    For delivery made on the lease, enter the taxpayer number of the producer whose name is shown in Line 11.

  13. Your Volume

    Enter the total volume or condensate purchased. Do not use decimals.

    • Report total volume of gas produced (M.C.F.) when reporting raw gas as commodity code: RG 1.
    • Round the total volume up to the nearest whole barrel, when reporting condensate as commodity code CN 4.
    • Report the inlet volume (M.C.F.) to the plant, when reporting products as commodity code PR 6.
    • Report the volume of gas (M.C.F) actually sold under the contact, when reporting residue as commodity code RS 5.
  14. Value of your volume

    Enter the entire value associated with the volume indicated in Line 14. This is usually referred to as the "contract price." Cost reimbursement from the gas purchaser should be included.
    Tax Reimbursement should not be included.

  15. Are you liable for the tax?

    Check this box to show if you are responsible for paying tax on this lease.

    • If "Yes," complete lines 17 through 22.
    • If "No," do not complete lines 17 through 22.
  16. Governmental royalty volume

    Enter the volume of gas not subject to tax because of a governmental exempt status, such as a city, town or village government in Texas, a county government in Texas, an independent school district or common school district in Texas, public (state owned) colleges and universities in Texas, or political subdivisions of the Federal government. (See Rule §3.14.)

    DO NOT enter volumes associated with exemption types approved for a legislative tax exemption.

  17. Governmental royalty value

    Enter the value of gas reported in Line 18. (See Rule §3.14.)

    DO NOT enter value associated with lease types approved for a legislative tax exemption.

  18. Marketing cost

    Marketing cost incurred by the producer cannot be taken by the purchaser.

    See allowable marketing costs for more detailed information on Comptroller's Web site: http://www.window.state.tx.us/taxinfo/nat_gas/ap116.htm

  19. Net taxable value

    Enter the sum of Line 15 less lines 18 and 19 in Line 20. Net taxable values on the original report form may never be less than zero.

    Enter zero for the following legislative exemptions:

    • 2-year inactive (Type "03"),
    • flared and released (Type "04"),
    • 3-year inactive (Type "07"), and
    • reactivated orphaned well (Type "12").

    For high cost gas exemption (Type "05"), enter the sum of Line 15 less lines 18 and 19 and proceed to lines 21 and 22.

    For incremental production (Type "09"), enter 50 percent of the sum if Line 15, less lines 18 and 19.

    NOTE: Leases reported with a Type "09" must also have a baseline volume and value reported under a Type "1."

    For qualifying low producing gas leases (Type "11"), enter the taxable value based on the price of gas for the applicable credit.

  20. Price Conditions

    Gas from qualified wells becomes eligible for different levels of exemption from natural gas severance tax based upon the Comptroller-certified average price for the reporting month.

    Average Taxable
    Gas Price
    More than $3.50 No Exemption
    Over $3 to $3.50 25 Percent Credit
    Over $2.50 to $3 50 Percent Credit
    $2.50 or Less 100 Percent Credit

    The Comptroller-certified average price of gas to be used in these calculations will be posted in the Texas Register on the Comptroller's Web site. When the average price falls within one of the categories listed above, gas will be allowed the corresponding level of exemption for that reporting month.

  21. Reduced tax rate for Type 05

    Enter the 3-digit reduced tax rate for the approved high cost gas exemption Type "05" lease indicated in Line 7.

  22. Tax due on Type 05

    For high cost gas exemption Type "05", enter the TAX DUE amount. This amount is the net taxable value amount reported in Item 20 times the tax rate reported in Item 21.

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