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New and Additional Tax Rate Changes Effective July 1, 2014

Updated June 2, 2014

City Sales and Use Tax

The following cities have imposed additional city sales and use tax for the purpose listed below.

City/County Name Local Code Local Rate Total Rate Purpose
Bartlett 2246077 .015000 .082500 IDC
    Bell Co 4014004 .005000    
Bartlett (Williamson Co) 2246077 .015000 .082500 IDC
    Bartlett Municipal Development District 5246549 .005000    
New Berlin 2094052 .012500 .080000 SMR
    Guadalupe Co 4094007 .005000    

IDC – Economic and Industrial Development
SMR - Municipal Street Maintenance and Repair

Special Purpose District (SPD) Sales and Use Tax

The following special purpose district (SPD) has imposed a local sales and use tax:

SPD Name Local Code Local Rate
Bartlett Municipal Development District 5246549 .005000

The boundaries of the Bartlett Municipal Development District are the portion of the city of Bartlett located in Williamson County. The district does not include any area of the city of Bartlett in Bell County. Contact the city of Bartlett at 254-527-3219 for additional boundary information.

If you have questions about Local Sales and Use Tax Rate information, please contact us by email at tax.allocation@cpa.state.tx.us.

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