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Texas Franchise Tax
Common Owner Information

Filing requirement

The reporting entity of a combined group with a temporary credit for business loss carryforward preserved for itself and/or its affiliates must submit common owner information by the due date of the report each year. This information must be submitted to satisfy franchise tax filing requirements, even if the combined group is not claiming the credit on the current year's report. Failure to satisfy all franchise tax filing requirements will negatively impact the reporting entity's and affiliate members' standing with our office.

Submit the common owner information before filing your franchise tax report to prevent processing delays. If you submit the common owner information after you file your report, it will NOT immediately process to your account.

Who is the common owner?

The common owner is the individual or entity that owns more than 50 percent (directly or indirectly) of each member of the combined group. Note that the common owner is not necessarily the same as the reporting entity.

Before You Begin:

CheckmarkYou will need your Texas taxpayer ID number and WebFile number to login for the first time. If you have previously used franchise tax WebFile, you will need your user name and password.

CheckmarkYou will need the common owner's Social Security number, Federal Employer Identification or Texas taxpayer number and the common owner's mailing address.

CheckmarkYou will need the date that the common owner first owned a greater than 50 percent interest in the combined group.

You cannot use WebFile to:

Correct common owner information previously submitted. Any corrections must be sent by mail to State Comptroller, P.O. Box 149348, Austin, TX 78714-9348 with a letter of explanation.

Clock logoNOTE: WebFile times out after 30 minutes for security reasons.

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