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Texas Crude Oil Report
Procedures for Filing an Amended Report

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  • All Lease Detail Supplement page(s) (form 10-170 for Crude Oil Purchaser and 10-172 for Crude Oil Producer) must accompany the Summary Data page (form 10-166 for Crude Oil Purchaser and 10-168 for Crude Oil Producer). It is recommended that the Lease Detail Supplement page(s) be completed prior to completing the Summary Data page.
  • To amend more than one filing period, taxpayers are required to file a separate amended report for each filing period.
  • To amend previously reported volumes and values, enter the net adjustment. Net adjustment is the difference of what was previously reported and what should be reported.
  • Net adjustments can continue to be done using the current procedure.
  • We are also providing a new option for adjusting data called the locator number.
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