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Important Things To Know

For the latest information regarding mail safety and security, please visit the following Web sites: and .

  • Why is this Guidebook important?
  • State agencies spend over $60 million in postage annually. This Guidebook provides agencies important mail related information and references to ensure postage dollars are spent wisely.
  • Have a question about a state mail related project?Contact the TPASS State Mail Office for assistance.
  • The State will save money by using State contracts for mail services and equipment .
  • There are many mail related laws . Familiarize yourself with these laws and how they can effect and help you.
  • Who is responsible for ensuring mail is processed in the most efficient and cost effective manner?See Outgoing Mail Recommendations .
  • Mail Messenger Service transports over 1 million pieces of Interagency Mail annually.
    • Postage shouldnot be applied to Interagency Mail.
    • The Interagency Mail List includes the locations served by Mail Messenger.
  • Take advantage of the many resources available to state agencies. Free training , consultation services, state contracts for services and equipment.
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