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Mail Equipment And Services

State Mail Services Contract

The Council on Competitive Government (CCG ) with the help of state mail experts and the United States Postal Service (USPS) developed a contract for mail services, including barcode and presort of First Class and Standard A, letters and flats.

The State can save over $3 million in postage annually compared to full rate postage by use of this contract. Currently over 80 state agencies within Travis county are submitting mail through this contract.

We encourage all state agencies to analyze the benefit of including their mail in this contract. Should you wish to initiate use of the contract or have any questions, please contact Chris Christine, SSSD State Mail Office Contract Administrator at 512-463-2221

Expedited Parcel Delivery (915-C1)

Effective June 15, 1998, SSSD began term contract service with UPS Mail Innovations for expedited parcel mail delivery service. This contract is an optional use contract for ordering entities.

Services include: pick-up, processing for postage, sort and deliver material to the appropriate United States Postal Service (USPS) Destination Deliver Unit (DDU), Processing and Distribution Center (P&DC) and/or Bulk Mail Centers (BMC) anywhere within the 48 contiguous states in accordance with USPS regulations. These services will be of an expedited nature, picked up from the ordering entity and delivered to the respective USPS facility within a maximum 15 hour period.

This contract is intended for single piece Standard A mail weighing 3.1 ounces to 16 ounces, mail containing Bound Printed Matter weighing 1 lb. to 15 lbs., and Standard B mail weighing 2 lbs, to 70 lbs. To further clarify, mail pieces that qualify as Standard A flats, pieces containing material that otherwise is not required by postal statutes to be mailed as First Class mail, and Standard B mail. Should you have questions regarding this contract, please contact Dana Edwards, SSSD Purchaser at 463-2563.

Agencies not currently utilizing this service may be spending more money than necessary on postage for non-first class mail.

Overnight Mail Contract

The State of Texas Overnight Express Air Mail Delivery contract (962-A1) was developed with the goal of receiving a lower per piece cost for these services for every agency than any one agency could receive on their own. The contract has successfully achieved this goal, and the state realizes substantial savings by use of this contract.

Unless a state agency is using USPS Express Mail Service, state agency use of this contract is mandatory for this service. Unless the services offered by the Contract Carrier do not meet your needs, your agency should by utilizing the contractexclusively for overnight mail services. In the event use of this contract fails to meet your needs due to exceptional requirements; then, the agency must justify and document the reason for going "off contract" for each occasion. This contract should not be confused with the utilization of ground transportation services or USPS Express Mail Service. Should you have questions regarding the Overnight Mail Contract, please contact Dana Edwards, SPD Purchaser by email or by calling 463-2563.

State agencies are "obligated to understand and comply with the USPS Private Express Statutes, 39 CFR Part 310 and 320 when using carriers other than the USPS" (summarized in attached USPS Publication 547). Violations of these statutes may result in injunction, fine, imprisonment, or both and payment of postage lost as a result of the illegal activity (see 310.5). All agency staff that utilize Overnight Mail should have a clear understanding of what constitutes use of this type service carrier.

Small Parcel Ground Delivery Service

The State of Texas Small Parcel Ground Delivery contract (962-A4), intrastate and interstate, for general products or merchandise. This contract provides pickup service for small parcels, not to exceed 150 lbs., originating from any qualified ordering entity as defined in the Texas Government Code 2151.002 and Texas Administrative Code 113.2, which are addressed to locations exclusively within the 48 contiguous United States. The rates established, as a result of the award of this contract will apply only to payments made by qualified ordering entities of the state of Texas. Should you have any questions regarding the Small Parcel Ground Delivery Service Contract, please contact Dana Edwards, SPD Purchaser at 463-2563.

Courier/Delivery Service Contract

The State of Texas Courier/Delivery contract (962-N1)  provides for expedited pickup and delivery of packages within designated areas for the Austin area where SSSD Mail Messenger is not feasible. This contract provides same day delivery service. The levels of service range from "Hot Shot", one hour, two hour, four hour, and same day. This contract should be utilized for "extremely urgent" material only. Should you have questions regarding the Courier/Delivery Service Contract, please contact contact Dana Edwards, SPD Purchaser T at 463-2563.

State Agencies & Vendors

There are a wide range of vendors and state agencies that provide various mailing services including but not limited to: inserting, folding, labeling, tabbing, bulk mailing. It may be wise to consider these as effective options for your mail processing.

State Mail Equipment Contracts

Many types of mail equipment are available through SPD State Term Contracts. Should you have questions regarding the State Mail Equipment Contracts, please contact Dana Edwards, SPD Purchaser T at 463-2563.

Note: State Contracts can be viewed on SPD's website at http://www.txsmartbuy.com/contracts

Required Plug-ins

In 2015, the Texas Legislature passed House Bill 855, which requires state agencies to publish a list of the three most commonly used Web browsers on their websites. The Texas Comptroller’s most commonly used Web browsers are Microsoft Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Apple Safari.