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Institution Profiles

Institution Profiles

Wharton County Junior College

Enrollment (Fiscal 2007)

  • Total Enrollment:
  • 9,477
  • In-District:*
  • 18.8%
  • Out-of-District:*
  • 70.8%
  • Full-time:**
  • 43.7%
  • Female:
  • 59.4%
  • Male:
  • 40.6%
  • Anglo:
  • 55.5%
  • Hispanic:
  • 22.9%
  • African American:
  • 9.0%
  • Asian:
  • 6.3%
  • Native American:
  • 0.2%
  • International:
  • 3.9%
  • Other:
  • 2.1%

* Percentage of annual unduplicated enrollment. Out-of-state and continuing education students not included.
** Full-time enrollment of students seeking college credit.

Contact Information

Dr. Betty A. McCrohan, President
911 Boling Highway
Wharton, Texas 77488
(979) 532-6304

Tuition, Rate Per Semester Credit Hour

Resident of District Tuition & Fee Rate: $54.00

Nonresident Tuition & Fee Rate: $100.00

Program Description

University Transfer: Wharton County Junior College’s (WCJC’s) semester-hour credits (except in certain developmental, preparatory and vocational courses) transfer to other state-supported colleges. The University of Houston System (UHS) and WCJC offer a joint admissions program that facilitates the admission of qualified WCJC students into four-year degree programs offered through component universities in the UHS.

Career Programs: Wharton County Junior College offers a variety of career programs that can be completed in one or two years. These include:

  • power technology – this program prepares students for work in the power generation industry. Starting salaries for entry-level apprenticeships for electricians, mechanics and instrumentation/controls technicians in this industry are about $23.22 an hour.
  • process technology – this two-year Associate in Applied Science program prepares students for entry-level positions as process technicians in chemical plants, oil refineries, pharmaceutical plants and pipeline operations. Average starting salaries are about $43,000 annually.
  • vocational nursing – this program prepares students to serve on nursing teams as entry-level vocational nurses in nursing homes, hospitals, residential care facilities, physician’s offices and clinics, schools and home health services. Average annual starting salaries range from $26,000 to $37,500.

Total Degrees or Certificates Awarded, fiscal 2007

  • Total:
  • 540
  • Associates:
  • 368
  • Certificates:
  • 172

Total does not include an advanced technology certificate program that comprises 16 to 50 semester credit hours and requires students to have an associate or bachelor’s degree or to be a junior in a bachelor’s degree program.

Total number and share of students either enrolled in a Texas senior institution or employed within six months of graduation, fiscal 2006:
Academic Students Percentage Technical Students Percentage
Employed Only7838.6%34989.9%
Employed and Enrolled (in Senior Institutions)8642.6%92.3%
Enrolled Only (in Senior Institutions)2512.4%20.5%
Enrolled Only (in Community Colleges)52.5%82.1%
Not Found84.0%205.2%
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