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Institution Profiles

Institution Profiles

Western Texas College

Enrollment (Fiscal 2007)

  • Total Enrollment:
  • 5,224
  • In-District:*
  • 19.4%
  • Out-of-District:*
  • 55.1%
  • Full-time:**
  • 24.8%
  • Female:
  • 45.7%
  • Male:
  • 54.3%
  • Anglo:
  • 69.7%
  • Hispanic:
  • 21.3%
  • African American:
  • 7.5%
  • Asian:
  • 0.7%
  • Native American:
  • 0.5%
  • International:
  • 0.2%
  • Other:
  • 0.1%

* Percentage of annual unduplicated enrollment. Out-of-state and continuing education students not included.
** Full-time enrollment of students seeking college credit.

Contact Information

Dr. Mike Dreith, President
6200 College Avenue
Snyder, Texas 79549
(325) 573-8511

Tuition, Rate Per Semester Credit Hour

Resident of District Tuition & Fee Rate: $66.00

Nonresident Tuition & Fee Rate: $80.00

Program Description

University Transfer: Western Texas College (WTC) has many degrees that transfer to Texas senior institutions. Pre-professional and general education courses are offered leading to the Associate of Arts degree.

Career Programs: WTC technical-vocational programs lead to a certificate or the Associate of Applied Science degree, preparing students for careers in the business, industrial and professional communities. Programs that can be completed in one to two years include:

  • golf and landscape technology – most graduates enter the golf course industry as an assistant golf course superintendent or an irrigation or pesticide technician. Associate degree graduates can also enter into the landscape and irrigation industry, parks and recreation or sales of horticultural products or turf and landscape equipment.
  • radio broadcasting – Western Texas College’s FCC-licensed FM radio station, 91.1 KGWB, lets students work with state-of-the-art equipment as they produce announcements and programs, prepare news and sportscasts, broadcast WTC sporting events and learn the inner workings of a radio station. Upon graduation, they can step into a career in radio or apply their skills in related industries, such as production companies, advertising agencies, industry and broadcasting trade associations, educational radio and television and state and federal government.

Total Degrees and Certificates Awarded, fiscal 2007

  • Total:
  • 187
  • Associates:
  • 115
  • Certificates:
  • 72

Total does not include an advanced technology certificate program that comprises 16 to 50 semester credit hours and requires students to have an associate or bachelor’s degree or to be a junior in a bachelor’s degree program.

Total number and share of students either enrolled in a Texas senior institution or employed within six months of graduation, fiscal 2006:
Academic Students Percentage Technical Students Percentage
Employed Only2533.3%6282.7%
Employed and Enrolled (in Senior Institutions)3040.0%68.0%
Enrolled Only (in Senior Institutions)1216.0%22.7%
Enrolled Only (in Community Colleges)11.3%45.3%
Not Found79.3%11.3%
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