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Institution Profiles

Institution Profiles

El Paso County Community College

Enrollment (Fiscal 2007)

  • Total Enrollment:
  • 40,555
  • In-District:*
  • 73.9%
  • Out-of-District:*
  • 6.5%
  • Full-time:**
  • 37.8%
  • Female:
  • 57.0%
  • Male:
  • 43.0%
  • Anglo:
  • 9.7%
  • Hispanic:
  • 83.0%
  • African American:
  • 2.5%
  • Asian:
  • 1.1%
  • Native American:
  • 0.3%
  • International:
  • 3.4%
  • Other:
  • 0.0%

* Percentage of annual unduplicated enrollment. Out-of-state and continuing education students not included.
** Full-time enrollment of students seeking college credit.

Contact Information

Dr. Richard M. Rhodes, President
P.O. Box 20500
El Paso, Texas 79998
(915) 831-6410

Tuition, Rate Per Semester Credit Hour

Resident of District Tuition & Fee Rate: $56.06

Nonresident Tuition & Fee Rate: $81.40


El Paso County Community College (EPCCC) offers both university transfer and career programs.

University Transfer: Students who wish to transfer to a four-year institution can earn Associate of Arts (AA) Associate of Science (AS) or Associate of Applied Science (AAS) degrees. These degrees include general education courses that are considered core requirements for most bachelor’s degree programs, as well as 18 hours in selected areas.

EPCC offers 26 AA degrees, 13 AS degrees and 48 AAS degrees, and maintains articulation agreements with numerous colleges and universities. In partnership with Texas Tech University (TTU), EPCCC students can earn an AS degree in architecture and complete their bachelor’s with TTU without leaving El Paso.

Career Programs: Many of EPCCC’s technical career programs, including 52 certificates, can lead directly to the job market. These include:

  • culinary arts and related sciencesEPCCC offers one-year certificates and two-year AAS degrees in culinary arts, restaurant management and pastry. Students gain real-world experience working in “externship” positions and in the program’s restaurant and pastry shop.
  • EPCCC’s Fire Technology Academy provides courses leading to several certificates and AAS degrees. According to national statistics, entry-level firefighters earn an average of $41,190 annually.
  • the diagnostic medical sonography program provides students with the knowledge and skills necessary to perform complex diagnostic ultrasound procedures. Graduates can expect annual salaries ranging from $45,000 to $60,000.

Total Degrees and Certificates Awarded, fiscal 2007

  • Total:
  • 2,139
  • Associates:
  • 1,626
  • Certificates:
  • 513

Total does not include an advanced technology certificate program that comprises 16 to 50 semester credit hours and requires students to have an associate or bachelor’s degree or to be a junior in a bachelor’s degree program.

Number and share of students either enrolled in a Texas four-year institution or employed within six months of graduation, fiscal 2006:
Academic Students Percentage Technical Students Percentage
Employed Only45338.1%64480.6%
Employed and Enrolled (in Senior Institutions)44437.4%263.3%
Enrolled Only (in Senior Institutions)16814.1%111.4%
Enrolled Only (in Community Colleges)363.0%526.5%
Not Found877.3%668.3%
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