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Institution Profiles

Institution Profiles

Clarendon College

Enrollment (Fiscal 2007)

  • Total Enrollment:
  • 1,681
  • In-District:*
  • 20.9%
  • Out-of-District:*
  • 62.6%
  • Full-time:**
  • 48.3%
  • Female:
  • 45.7%
  • Male:
  • 54.3%
  • Anglo:
  • 70.1%
  • Hispanic:
  • 17.0%
  • African American:
  • 9.6%
  • Asian:
  • 1.0%
  • Native American:
  • 0.8%
  • International:
  • 0.9%
  • Other:
  • 0.5%

* Percentage of annual unduplicated enrollment. Out-of-state and continuing education students not included.
** Full-time enrollment of students seeking college credit.

Contact Information

Dr. William Auvenshine, President
1122 College Drive, P.O. Box 968
Clarendon, Texas 79226
(806) 874-3571

Tuition, Rate Per Semester Credit Hour

Resident of District Tuition & Fee Rate: $79.00

Nonresident of District Tuition & Fee Rate: $98.00

Program Description

University Transfer: For students interested in obtaining a –four-year degree, Clarendon College offers courses that will provide the first two years of a bachelor’s degree in agriculture, allied health, behavioral science, biology, business administration, chemistry, criminal justice, education, English, mathematics, physical education, physical education, professional health, social science, and many more academic areas. Clarendon College has formal articulation agreements with the University of Texas at Dallas and the University of Phoenix to ensure that all credits taken by students at Clarendon College can be applied to a college degree.

Career Programs: Clarendon College also offers a wide variety of career programs and majors that lead directly to the job market. Programs that can be completed in one or two years include:

  • computer technology networking administration – Clarendon College is a member of the Microsoft IT Academy program and thus can provide its students with a variety of career opportunities (e.g. installing, managing and maintaining Microsoft servers and networks worldwide).
  • ranch feedlot operations – Students completing the program are qualified to seek employment in the ranching/cattle feeding industry. The program involves both classroom work and on-the-job training.
  • welding technology – Clarendon College offers three different one-semester certificate programs in welding designed to prepare welders for entry-level as well as advanced positions in industry.
  • vocational nursing – Clarendon College offers a three-semester program that allows students to become licensed vocational nurses.

Total Degrees and Certificates Awarded, fiscal 2007

  • Total:
  • 240
  • Associates:
  • 97
  • Certificates:
  • 143

Total does not include an advanced technology certificate program that comprises 16 to 50 semester credit hours and requires students to have an associate or bachelor’s degree or to be a junior in a bachelor’s degree program.

Total number and share of students either enrolled in a Texas senior institution or employed within six months of graduation, fiscal 2006:
Academic Students Percentage Technical Students Percentage
Employed Only3236.4%4583.3%
Employed and Enrolled (in Senior Institutions)2730.7%23.7%
Enrolled Only (in Senior Institutions)1415.9%11.9%
Enrolled Only (in Community Colleges)55.7%59.3%
Not Found1011.4%11.9%
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