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Institution Profiles

Institution Profiles

Austin Community College

Enrollment (Fiscal 2007)

  • Total Enrollment:
  • 60,825
  • In-District:*
  • 61.0%
  • Out-of-District:*
  • 29.8%
  • Full-time:**
  • 24.6%
  • Female:
  • 56.2%
  • Male:
  • 43.8%
  • Anglo:
  • 59.3%
  • Hispanic:
  • 22.2%
  • African American:
  • 7.9%
  • Asian:
  • 6.2%
  • Native American:
  • 0.8%
  • International:
  • 1.8%
  • Other:
  • 1.8%

* Percentage of annual unduplicated enrollment. Out-of-state and continuing education students not included.
** Full-time enrollment of students seeking college credit.

Contact Information

Dr. Stephen B. Kinslow, President
5930 Middle Fiskville Road
Austin, Texas 78752
(512) 223-7000

Tuition, Rate Per Semester Credit Hour

Resident of District Tuition & Fee Rate: $53.50

Nonresident Tuition & Fee Rate: $133.06

Program Description

Austin Community College (ACC) offers both university transfer and career programs for students.

University Transfer: For students interested in transferring to a university, ACC offers courses that will provide the first two years of a bachelor’s degree in a multitude of majors including education, engineering, health sciences, mathematics, liberal arts, etc. ACC has formal articulation agreements with 21 universities to ensure that all credits taken at ACC will apply toward a degree.

Career Programs: ACC offers a variety of career programs leading directly to the job market. Programs that can be completed in one to two years include:

  • video game development – this program was designed and developed and is taught by leaders in the Austin video game industry. It offers a comprehensive approach to success in video game development.
  • nursingACC’s nursing program offers two tracks. The traditional track offers basic nursing education (online or on-site) to unlicensed individuals. The mobility track is an accelerated program for individuals who already have their licenses or certification in related health care fields (such as licensed vocational nurses and emergency medical services technicians).
  • automotive technologyACC’s program offers automotive technician training, with degree and certificate options including a two-year Associate in Applied Science degree, a one-year certificate, a specialized certificate for less than one year of study and an enhanced skills certificate.

Total Degrees or Certificates Awarded, fiscal 2007

  • Total:
  • 1,461
  • Associates:
  • 1,055
  • Certificates:
  • 406

Advanced Technology certificate program that comprises 16-50 semester credit hours and requires student to have an associate or bachelor’s degree or be a junior in a bachelor’s degree program omitted from total.

Total number and share of students either enrolled in a Texas senior institution or employed within six months of graduation, fiscal 2006:
Academic Students Percentage Technical Students Percentage
Employed Only35044.6%90985.4%
Employed and Enrolled (in Senior Institutions)24631.3%464.3%
Enrolled Only (in Senior Institutions)9912.6%171.6%
Enrolled Only (in Community Colleges)476.0%312.9%
Not Found435.5%625.8%
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