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Demographic Change and Education

Exhibit 1-4

Ethnic Diversity of the Population Enrolled in Elementary and Secondary School and Colleges in Texas, 2000 and 2040*

Public Elementary and Secondary School
Anglo 43.2% 19.9%
Black 14.4% 8.3%
Hispanic 39.5% 66.3%
Other 2.9% 5.5%

Public Colleges and Universities
Anglo 58.0% 28.7%
Black 10.7% 8.1%
Hispanic 25.6% 50.9%
Other 5.7% 12.3%

*Using U.S. Census Bureau count for 2000 and Texas State Data Center 1.0 population projection scenario for 2040.

Note: Figures rely on the Texas State Data Center’s “high-growth” scenario, which assumes the age, sex and race/ethnicity rates of net migration experienced in Texas from 1990 to 2000 will continue.

Source: Texas State Data Center, University of Texas at San Antonio.

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