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Texas Water Report:
Going Deeper for the Solution

Note: This report was released Jan. 14, 2014, and may contain outdated information.
To locate more recent data, use the resources guide in the PDF version of the report.

Texas has been prone to cycles of drought for centuries, and there’s no reason to expect that basic pattern to change. But our state has changed, and its burgeoning population and economy are creating an increasingly unquenchable demand for water.

In this report, we visit the issue of drought, with a focus on the larger issue of Texas’ water supplies, an essential resource that can bolster our economic growth — or limit it.

Download a PDF of our report, Texas Water Report: Going Deeper for the Solution (PDF), to see in-depth analysis of water scarcity issues that threaten our economic health. See promising approaches for augmenting our water supply and practical answers for Texas' growing thirst.

Browse this site to find additional information on topics including the distribution of water in Texas, scarcity issues, the process Texas uses to fund water projects and possible game changers.