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Article X:

Article X includes the Texas House of Representatives and Senate and agencies that further the Legislature’s operations, such as the Texas Legislative Council, Legislative Budget Board and State Auditor’s Office.

Total expenditures for programs in Article X agencies rose from $62.8 million in fiscal 1990 to $141 million in 2002, an increase of 124.5 percent. In real 1990 dollars, the 2002 total was $99 million, for a 57.6 percent increase. In 2002, Article X spending accounted for less than 0.3 percent of all state expenditures used in the statewide index calculation.

The review team created 15 separate expenditure indices for Article X agencies. Workload measures were based upon spending per 10,000 Texas residents or spending per FTE. The combined Article X index was 1.34 in 2002, representing a 34 percent increase in real expenditures per workload unit.

The highest individual Article X index was spending by the Commission on Uniform State Laws, at 3.66, but that index represented only $112,515 in spending in fiscal 2002, or less than a tenth of a percent of all spending under the article.

The indices with the largest amount of expenditures under Article X were:

  • salaries and wages for the House of Representatives (15.7 percent of the total); and
  • salaries and wages for the Senate (15.8 percent of the total).

The indices for these expenditures were 1.07 and 1.17 respectively.