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Exhibit 30

Gulf Coast Region, Groundwater Conservation Districts

All but two of the counties in the Gulf Coast region are covered by districts that manage groundwater resources. The groundwater conservation districts (GCDs) and the counties included within the district’s boundaries are:

  • Bluebonnet GCD – Austin, Walker and Waller Counties
  • Brazoria County GCD – Brazoria County
  • Coastal Bend GCD – Wharton County
  • Coastal Plains GCD – Matagorda County
  • Colorado County GDC – Colorado County
  • Lone Star GCD – Montgomery County

In addition to the groundwater conservation districts, three of the region’s counties are in subsidence districts, which also regulate groundwater use. The counties are included in the districts’ names, which are:

  • Harris-Galveston Subsidence District
  • Fort Bend Subsidence District

For more information on this exhibit, please contact the Comptroller’s Data Services Division at 512-463-4900 or at P.O. Box 13528, Austin, Texas 78711-3528.

Source: Texas Water Development Board.

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