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Susan Combs: Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts

Texas In Focus:

The Gulf Coast region consists of 13 counties along and near Texas’ upper coast. It’s a populous and prosperous area, home to major energy companies, four of the nation’s busiest ports and world-class medical facilities. Energy, manufacturing, health care and transportation will help keep it strong in the future. Its diverse industrial mix makes it a linchpin of the Texas economy.

Gulf Coast Region

This report examines the forces driving change in the region, and the factors affecting its economy. We hope state leaders, county and city officials and area residents will use this report to stay on top of the important issues that will determine the future of this vibrant region.

Texas In Focus: Gulf Coast Region

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  • A Letter From Comptroller Combs
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  • Introduction
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  • Economic Development
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  • Buoyed by energy and agriculture, the Gulf Coast region’s economic growth outpaces that of the state as a whole, with 11 percent job growth between 2004 and 2009 and a 2.6 percent annual increase in regional employment expected between 2009 and 2014.
  • Industry Profile – Retail
  • Industry Profile – Oil and Gas
  • Industry Profile – Seaports and Trade
  • Demographics
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  • The region is one of Texas’ most-populous areas, anchored by Houston, the state’s largest city. It’s a prosperous area as well, with average personal income exceeding the state’s by 24 percent.
  • Infrastructure
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  • The Gulf Coast region owes much of its economic success to Houston’s Energy Corridor, home base to some of the world’s largest energy companies. The region’s ports support thriving trade and transportation industries.
  • Health Care
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  • The Gulf Coast’s medical infrastructure attracts patients and staff members from around the globe. Houston’s Texas Medical Center employs nearly 73,000 and contributes $14 billion to the regional economy each year.
  • Education
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  • The Gulf Coast region exceeds statewide averages in its number of public schools rated as Exemplary and Recognized. Its 25 institutions of higher education serve nearly a quarter-million students.
  • Conclusion
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Publication# 96-1311-6, Printed March, 2010

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