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Building an ESD System for Texas

Note: To help the reader navigate this report, a chart of acronyms is provided at the beginning of Chapter 2 in Exhibit 1 .

2.8 Building an ESD System for Texas

To begin the process of developing a strategic plan for ESD in Texas, several essential factors must be explored. These include identifying specific populations; determining services and service delivery methods; and assessing how ESD would affect access to the services. The TESD project team addressed each of these factors, and one of the first activities to occur was to accumulate and review available documentation. Two major reference documents are: State of EBT and Direct Deposit in Texas41 and Texas EBT Alternatives Analysis42 These reports include the identification of 30 programs in more than 15 agencies that could potentially benefit from some form of ESD. This information was the starting point for the strategic plan. Exhibit 3 is a list of the programs included in these two documents. 45

Exhibit 3
Childcare TWC Identification and Eligibility
Child Support OAG Cash
Child Support Supplemental Grant (TANF) TDHS/OAG Cash
Employees Retirement System of Texas ERS Cash
Family Violence TDPRS Identification and Eligibility
Federal Direct Payments Federal Cash
Firefighters Pension State Cash
Food Assistance to Legal Aliens TDHS Cash
Food Stamp Program TDHS Cash
Foster Care TDPRS Identification and Eligibility
In-Home and Family Support Services TXMHMR Cash and Information
Lone Star Imaging System (LSIS) TDHS Fraud Deterrence and Detection
Long-Term Care Aged and disabled Community Care TDHS Identification and Eligibility
Long-Term Care Medical TDHS Identification and Eligibility
Medicaid ID Form TDHS/TDH Identification and Eligibility
Petty Cash * Cash
Refugee Resettlement TDHS Cash
Special Nutrition Programs TDHS Restricted Cash
Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) TDH Food Prescribed Benefits
State Payroll CPA Cash
TANF (Cash Subsidy) TDHS Cash
TANF - One Time Payment TDHS Cash
Teacher Retirement System of Texas TRS Cash
Texas Commission for the Blind and Visually Impaired TCB Undetermined
Texas Department of Criminal Justice TDCJ Undetermined
Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs TDHCA Undetermined
TexMedNet TDH Identification and Eligibility
Transportation TxDOT Cash
Unemployment Insurance TWC Cash
Source: Interagency Task Force on EBT and the Texas Department of Human Services.
* Not tied to a specific agency.

Interviews, either in person or by telephone, were held with most of the agencies providing the services identified in the reports. This included over 30 formal meetings and numerous individual and small group discussions with state agencies, advocacy groups, and other organizations with a direct or indirect interest in ESD in Texas. The results of these interviews and other research provide a snapshot of the agencies/programs and include goals, target populations, the current processes for service delivery, and information related to ESD. A summary of the interviews with state agencies is provided below. The reports, in their entirety, are found in Appendix A.