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Comptroller of Public Accounts

Executive Management:

Carol Keeton Rylander, Comptroller

Billy Hamilton, Deputy Comptroller

Mike Regan

Tracy Wurzel

Lisa Minton

Toni Breckner

Ruthie Ford

Don Kiser

Project Team:

Cindy Alexander, Project Manager


Roland Leal, Roland Leal Consulting

Jon Hockenyos, Texas Perspectives, Inc.

Chandler Stolp, L.B.J. School of Public Affairs

Texas Workforce Commission’s Career Development Resources

(formerly the State Occupational Information Coordinating Council)

Rich Froeschle, director, Marc Anderberg, Ruben Garcia

Other Comptroller Staff:

Gerald Higgins, Don Hoyte, Daryl Janes, Neal Kelly, Dwain Osborne, Mary Quintero, Kaye Tucker, Pam Wagner and Brad Wright