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Effective Date Fund City County
On or before 9-1-89: Abused Children’s Counseling Account   x
  Fees for Services of Peace Officers (arrest fees) x x
  Children’s Trust Fund   x
  Compensation to Victims of Crime x x
  Compensation to Victims Auxiliary Fund   x
  Crime Stoppers Assistance Fund   x
  Criminal Justice Planning Fund x x
  District Clerk Filing Fees   x
  Excess Funds from Sale of Forfeited Property   x
  Excess Highway Fines x  
  Judicial and Court Personnel Training x x
  Juvenile Probation Diversion Fund   x
  Law Enforcement Management Institute x x
  Law Enforcement Officers Administrative Fund x x
  Law Enforcement Continuing Education Fund x x
  Operator’s and Chauffeur’s License Fund x x
9-1-91: Breath Alcohol Testing Program Fund x x
  Comprehensive Rehabilitation Fund x x
  Misdemeanor - General Revenue Fund x x
7-1-92: Judicial Fund - Statutory County Courts   x
9-1-93: Sexual Assault Program Fund   x
9-1-95: Juror Reimbursement Donation Program   x
  Birth Certificate Fee x x
  Excess Motor Carrier Fines x  
  Failure to Appear x x
  Motor Carrier Weight Violations x x
9-1-97: Juvenile Crime and Delinquency Fund x x
  Consolidated Court Cost x x
  Filing Fees for Legal Services for Indigents   x
  Fugitive Apprehension Fund x x
  Time Payment Fee x x
6-19-99: Judicial Fund - Constitutional County Courts   x
9-1-99: Family Trust Fund   x
  Substance Abuse Felony Program   x
10-1-99: Judicial Fund - Statutory Probate Courts   x
Source: Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts.
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