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State Court Costs and Fees for Justice, County and District Courts
Effective September 1, 1997, through August 30, 1999
VTCA Education Code, Sec. 25.093, Thwarting Compulsory Attendance & Sec. 25.094, Failure to Attend School $1.00 $15.00 $17.00 $5.00 $0.25 $38.25
VTCA Transportation Code, Title 7, Subtitle C, Rules of the Road
  • Sec. 545.066, Overtaking & Passing School Bus
$1.00 $35.00 $17.00 $5.00 $0.25 $58.25
  • Other Class C Misdemeanors - fine of $500 or less
$1.00 $15.00 $17.00 $5.00 $0.25 $38.25
  • Class A/B Misdemeanors
$1.00 $35.00 $40.00 $5.00 $0.25 $81.25
All Other Class C Misdemeanors
  • Punishable by fine of $500 or less
$1.00 $15.00 $17.00 $5.00 $0.25 $38.25
  • Punishable by fine more than $500
$1.00 $35.00 $17.00 $5.00 $0.25 $58.25
Other Class A/B Misdemeanors $1.00 $35.00 $40.00 $5.00 $0.25 $81.25
Felonies $1.00 $45.00 $80.00 $5.00 $0.25 $131.25
JCPT = Judicial and Court Personnel Training Fund; CVC = Compensation to Victims of Crime; CCC = Consolidated Court Cost;

FA = Fugitive Apprehension Fund; JCD = Juvenile Crime and Delinquency Fund.

Mandatory State Court Costs:
The total in the far right column should be collected on each offense as appropriate. The state court cost amounts collected from this chart should be entered on the county quarterly report form under Section 1, line 4.
Additional State Court Costs should be collected when they apply and should be reported separately on the report form under Section 2:
Line 1: Juvenile Probation Diversion Fund - $20 is collected by the juvenile court for each disposition hearing held.

Line 2: Arrest Fees - report 20% of arrest fees and warrant fees when performed by state law enforcement officers.

Line 3: Time Payment Fee - effective 9-1-97, report 50% of the $25 fee from defendant who pays over a period of time rather than immediately.

Line 4: Judicial Fund - Constitutional County Court (effective 6-19-99) - $15 court cost on any criminal conviction in qualifying constitutional county court.

Line 5: Judicial Fund - Statutory County Court - $15 per conviction of any criminal offense in statutory county court, if the required resolution by the Commissioners' Court has been filed with the Comptroller.

Line 6: Failure to Appear - If county is contracted with Texas Department of Public Safety, $30 for each violation of a traffic law for which defendant failed to appear, or offenses under Penal Code, Sec. 38.10, or Transportation Code Sec. 543.009(b) or 543.107(b). Two-thirds ($20) is to be remitted to the state. Line 7: Motor Carrier Weight Violations - 50% of fine assessed on convictions for offenses involving vehicle with gross weight more than 5,000 pounds over vehicle's allowable gross weight. Justice and county courts only.

Local Court Costs may also apply, including, but not limited to:
Child Safety Fund: $20 per conviction under Education Code, Sec. 25.093 (thwarting compulsory attendance) or Sec. 25.094 (failure to attend school). Counties may also impose optional motor vehicle registration fees (see Code of Crim. Proc. Art. 102.014).

Clerk Fee: $40 in county and district courts only.

Courthouse Security Fee: $3 per misdemeanor offense; $5 per felony offense.

Graffiti Eradication Fee: effective 9-1-97, $4 in county and district court only, for offenses under Sec. 28.08, Penal Code.

Fees for Services of Peace Officers: See Code of Crim. Procedure, Art. 102.011.

Jury Fee: $3 in JP court, $20 in county and district court, upon conviction by jury trial.

Prosecutor's Fee: $25 upon conviction of misdemeanor or gambling offense for the trying of the case by the district or county attorney.

In Justice Court, violations of a penal statute or Transportation Code (Rules of the Road) are excluded. Records Management and Preservation Services Fee: $20 in county and district court only.

Visual Recording Fee: $15 for visual recording in offenses of Penal Code Sec. 49.04.

Traffic Cost: $3 per misdemeanor under Transportation Code, Subtitle C, including parking and pedestrian offenses.