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  • Strategic Investment Areas For Calendar 2001
    Franchise Tax Credits for Research, Jobs Creation, and Investment

    *This map valid only January 1, 2001 through December 31, 2001
    NOTE: The Research credit is available in every county in Texas and increased in a Full-purpose SIA county.
    The Job Creation and Investment credits can only be taken by a corporation engaged in one of the following:

    Qualified Industries:
    Manufacturing (SIC 2011-3999)
    Agricultural Processing (SIC 2011-2099, 2211, 2231, 3111, 3199)
    Warehousing (SIC 4221-4226)
    Wholesale Distribution (SIC 5012-5199)
    Data Processing (SIC 7371-7379)
    Research Laboratories (SIC 8731)