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Table 14
Texas Estimated Department of Health
Non-Medicaid Health Care Spending
by Comptroller Economic Region
Fiscal 1997
Comptroller Economic Region Estimated Insurance Paid*
Central Texas $ 72,499,731
Gulf Coast 122,862,427
High Plains 23,119,551
Metroplex 124,146,714
Northwest Texas $18,158,048
South Texas (Lower) 79,363,391
South Texas (Upper) 71,388,440
Southeast Texas 23,910,940
Upper East Texas 31,276,339
Upper Rio Grande 23,021,591
West Texas 15,440,857
State of Texas 605,188,029
Expenditures Unallocable to Texas Counties $ 99,857,978
AGENCY TOTAL $ 705,046,007
SOURCES: Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts and Sunset Advisory Commission "Texas Department of Health Center for Rural Health Initiatives" Staff Report, 1998.
*Texas TDH non-Medicaid health care expenditures were estimated by allocating the total of $705,046,007 by the percentage of total expenditures by county.